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General News of Sunday, 19 June 2011

Source: Nyako, Stephen

VIDEO: How Ghana's Gold Resources are Being Illegally Exploited By Chinese

According to minelinks Ghana's Obuasi mine alone has produced more than 25 million ounces of GOLD, (Sika Koookooo) since its inception in the 1890's, how much of this resource has benefited local people or the nation of Ghana ?

Our relationship with foreigners, who most of the time have their HEADS SCREWED ON , has not changed in 400 years. They stimulate our passions by the introduction of useless wants and fancies and we take our eyes OFF THE BALL, whilst they cart away our resources leaving us poor and desperate.

Another SAD example of leadership failure in Ghana ?

I wish to share with you about how our taxes are supporting our leaders in dignified idleness whilst foreigners rape and pillage our resources for free and we suffer for lack of the basic necessities of life.

Just look at how Peasant Chinese Gold Miners have invaded our rural areas in Ghana with impunity, and hauling out huge amounts of resources free of charge back to their country whilst our people loose their farmlands and left with poisoned environment and lost lands.

This is been happening for years Whilst our leaders wallop in the FONDNESS FOR SHOW AND PARADE, AND POMPOSITY, the Chinese have arrived. I must admit it is not only them, the others are even worse. At least the Chinese give us something back.

Tell me after watching this clip "WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP" in Ghana.? Who is responsible, for running the country and policing and protecting the environment ?

Who is responsible for making sure Foreigners who come into the country obey our laws ?

Who is responsible for making sure that the correct taxes are paid and the nation gets its fair share of the resources for national development ?

Who is responsible for making sure the local government in these areas are on top of things ?

What is Government for ?

Who is responsible for unearthing unethical things in our country ? The journalists are not even interested, they will rather chase after "sensation" and insults in radio and television stations

The simple fact is No one is.

Investigative journalism is alive and well but sadly it is not in the studios of GBC or TV3.

Watch this Video clip from France 24 about the rape of Ghana's resources and when you go to church tomorrow please pray for our dear country.

Where is the Leadership, I hear you say, they cant even safegaurd the little resources we have!

Video Clip


The Diorderliness and lack of Management of Everything in Ghana is just getting TOO MUCH but what can we do ?

As I keep saying "Knowledge is Every thing"