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General News of Saturday, 11 August 2012

Source: GNA

Update of donations for Prez Mills' funeral

Please take notice of yet another comprehensive update of donations received so far by the Funeral Planning Committee as at the close of Thursday, 9th August, 2012.  This is consistent with the FPCs regular updates on donations.
Goldfielfds Ghana Limited
GHC200,00.00 (two hundred thousand Ghana Cedis) for the construction of an ICT centre at late PResident Atta Mills’ alma mata Huni Valley Methosidt Basic School (to be named after President Atta Mills)
GHC5,000.00 (five thousand Ghana Cedis) to support funeral
1 Johnny Walker whiskey
GHC 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand Ghana Cedis cheque)
Irani Brothers Limited 
GHC20,000.00 (twenty thousand Ghana Cedis cheque)
50 bags of flour
Auto Plaza Limited
GHC50,000.00 (fifty thousand Ghana Cedis) cheque
Anonymous individual donor
GHC200.00 (two hundred Ghana Cedis)
Anonymous corporate donor
GHC25,000.00 (twenty thousand Cedis) cheque
Anonymous corporate donor
GHC20,000.00 (twenty thousand Cedis) cheque
Pioneer Food Cannery Limited
Assortment of canned tuna products
Metro Tv
10 boxes of chicken
10 bags of rice
50 cartons of indomie
Koala Marketing
30 cartons of tomato paste
10 boxes of cookies
10 boxes of fruit juice
NkulenuIndustries Limited
15 cartons of Nkulenu palm drink
30 cartons of Nkulenu Pineger
GHC1,000.00 (one thousand Ghana Cedis) cash
200 packs of food
Ghana Re-Insurance Company Limited
GHC5,000.00 ( five thousand Ghana Cedis) cheque
Ministry of Youth and Sports
50, 000 (fifty thousand) miniature national flags
Moree Traditional Area
50 tubers of yam
1 sheep
Ivorian President’s donation
3 pieces of bauole cloth
3 kitas
1 duvet
2 towels, sponge and other customary items for sending off the dead
3 cartons of gin
23 cartons of rum
5 bulls
CFA 100,000.00  (one hundred thousand)
CFA 10 million (this is apart from the CFA100,000.00 mentioned above)
A donation by the Ivorian President to Fante chiefs:
3 cartons of gin
3 cartons of rum
CFA 2 million
Donation by the Ivorian President to the bereaved family
3 cartons of gin
3 cartons of rum
CFA 3 million
Donation by the Ivorian President to the Former First Lady and son
CFA 5 million
2 bulls
6 cartons of soft drinks
6 cartons of Guinness
6 cartons of Star beer
2 bottles of whiskey
Ghana Manganese Company Limited
GHC5,000.00 (five thousand Ghana Cedis)
Assorted drinks
Beverage Investment Company Limited (Pepsi Cola)
40 boxes of mineral water
200 packs of sachet water
Ghana Shippers Authority
1 bottle Remy Martini VSOP
1 bottle Hennessy VSOP
1 bottle courvoisier VSOP
6 bottles of Black label
6 bottles of Red label
10 cartons of Heineken beer
10 cartons of coca cola, sprite and fanta
10 cartons of canned malt
40 cartons of water
1 box of Schnapps
Tema Canoe Owners Association
1 bull
Ghana Poultry Farmers Association
250 crates of eggs
Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industries
360 cartons of smile mineral water
GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited
6 cartons of madingo
6 cartons of Castle brigde
6 cartons of Herb Afrik
6 cartons of Herb tot
6 cartons of madingo tot
6 cartons of Castle brigde tot
6 cartons of madingo pet
6 cartons of Herb Afrik pet
Viva Water
5 boxes of water
KOnkomba Yam Market – Agbogbloshie
200 tubers of yam
Local Cable Makers Association   
2 cartons of imperial Schnapps
1 bottle (large) Chivas Regal
Ghana Lotto Operators Association
20 cartons of assorted drinks
GHC5,000.00 (five thousand Ghana Cedis)
Songhai Community – Kasoa
1 bull
Beautiful Creations
11 cartons of assorted canned drinks
7 cartons of assorted drinks
3 boxes of Bel-Aqua drinking water
Accra Brewery Limited
20 cases of Club mini
20 cases of Castle Milk Stout
20 cases of Club Shandy
10 cases of Chairman
30 cases of Castle Milk Stout
Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
50 boxes of mineral water
10 cartons of canned beer
10 cartons of malt
10 cartons of canned Guinness
10 cartons of canned coca cola
10 boxes of fruit juice
Ghana Cocoa, Coffee and Shea nut Farmers Association 
1 bull
tubers of yam
2 sacks of garden eggs
1 sack of onioins
3 sacks of coco yam
GHC1,000.00 (one thousand Ghana Cedis) cash
Newmont Ghana Limited
GHC10,000.00 (ten thousand Ghana Cedis )cheque
2 boxes of Schnapps
1 box of Black Label whiskey
Hon. David Lamptey
1,000 crates of assorted fruit juice.
Accra Onion Sellers Association
5 bags of onions.
Prophets and Spiritual Churches Council
100 cartons of mineral water
Africa Cola
3,000 bottles of assorted Africa Cola drinks.
Head of Dagbon Tradition, Abdulai Yakubu Kapaku naa
2 bulls
200 tubers of yam
Golden Star Resources
GHC5,000.00 (five thousand Ghana Cedis) cash
10 crates of assorted canned drinks
Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)
5 cartons of Guinness
5 cartons of Heineken
5 cartons of coca cola, sprite and fanta
10 boxes of bottled water
2 bottles of gin
1 carton of Schnapps
Ghana Aids Commission
GHC5,000.00  (five thousand Ghana Cedis) cash
Guinness Ghana Limited

  • 10 crates Guinness
  • 10 crates Malta Guinness
  • 10 crates mini star beer
  • 5 crates Armstrong Lager
  • 10 crates Alvaro
  • 1 Carton Baileys
  • 1 carton Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey
  • 1 carton Smirnoff Vodka
  • 1 carton Gordon’s Dry Gin

Ministry of Food and Agriculture

  • 30 bags rice
  • 100 pieces dressed chicken
  • 6 cartons frozen fish
  • 2 bulls

Blowchem Industry Limited

  • 500 boxes of Bel-Aqua mineral water

Aquafresh Limited

  • 140 cartons of assorted fruit juice

VitaMilk Ghana Limited

  • 200 cartons of Vita Milk

TT Brothers Limited

  • 200 packs of assorted drinks

Landing beach communities’ Chief Fishermen of Ghana

  • Dry fish & fresh fish


  • 2 hampers containing 2 bottles of Remi Martini, 2 bottles Courvoisier, 4bottles of schnapps, 2 bottles of beefeater, 1 bottles of Hennessey, 2 bottles black label whiskey, 3 bottles Vodka, 1 bottle Malibu.

GBI-Hanjer (GH) Ltd

  • Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢500.00)

Earlier Donations
Coca Cola Company

  • 360 crates of assorted products

Seventh Day Adventist Church

  • 100 boxes of water

Budget Cash & Carry Ltd

  • 150 cartons of blue jeans energy drink and other products

Vivian Ankrah / NDC Greater Accra Regional Women’s Organiser

  • 50 boxes of water


[August 10, 2012]