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Religion of Friday, 27 November 2020


UG: University Christian Fellowship to intensify prayers ahead of December polls

University Christian Fellowship during a prayer session University Christian Fellowship during a prayer session

For peace to prevail before, during, and after this year’s general election, the University Christian Fellowship (UCF) on the campus of the University of Ghana has said that it will be intensifying its prayers for the country.

UCF President on UG campus, Stephan Borkitey, in an interview on Radio Univers' Campus Exclusive, said that offering prayers to God was their contribution to ensuring that Ghanaians continue to live in peace and harmony regardless of the outcome of the election.

“What we can do is to intensify prayers and pray that the peace of God prevails upon our lives. We constantly pray, not towards the polls per se, but towards after the polls, that peace will prevail,” he said.

Stephan Borkitey stressed the importance of maintaining peace in Ghana, saying that life in the country will be unbearable without peaceful co-existence.

He said: “Peace is needed in our nation so that anything that we set our minds to anything we set our hearts to do, it can be achieved. If you look at Liberia, when there was war, we saw how the absence of peace caused a lot of havoc and even loss of lives. So can’t rule this nation without peace and we can’t have a successful life without peace.”

He said that UCF will be partnering with the Students Representative Council of the school to get many people on board so they can push the peace agenda together.

“The University Christian Fellowship is going to ally with the SRC to ensure that some of these things are being pushed out there so that the youth could have knowledge of them. I believe that we should all come together and work towards the peace of our nation. I’m not sure there’s going to be a barrier as to whether the Muslims who will join or the Christians who join but, we’ll call them onboard to see how we can push the peace agenda forward.”