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General News of Friday, 13 March 2020


Trending GH: How Ghanaians fearfully reacted to recorded case of Coronavirus

A Makola market trader ties her whole face with a handkerchief due to the fear of coronaviirus play videoA Makola market trader ties her whole face with a handkerchief due to the fear of coronaviirus

Creating thousands of orphans in its wake, the outbreak of coronavirus in various parts of the world particularly in Ghana has left people extremely terrified.

Concerns are warranted by the fact that there is still no vaccine to fight the virus which has resulted in thousands of deaths around the world.

Ghana on Thursday, March 12, 2020, became the latest to join countries with reported cases of the pandemic as two individuals who returned to the country about a week ago from Norway and Turkey tested positive to the pandemic.

The news has fast spread through the streets of Accra with most people worried about the rate at which the virus is causing a general disruption to people’s lives.

“I am very scared because Ghana is all we have. When we get infected, nothing can be done about it and I am very scared. We are also trying to take proper care of ourselves,” one said.

“With the rate at which the sickness is spreading, we are pleading with government to help us. We need to protect ourselves. As it stands, we are scared to eat or even sell our wares,” said another.

Panic of a likely spread in the country has triggered a rush for hand sanitizers, nose masks, and hand gloves.

At the makola market, for instance, there is hardly a bottle of hand sanitizer to be found, and hand gloves are in short supply.

“The demand for hand sanitizers is very high because of the virus. It is even out of stock. The prices keep increasing each day because of the outbreak of coronavirus,” a trader stated

“Business is going on well. There is a shortage of hand gloves everywhere. It has gotten to the point where we even fight over it because retailers had refused to sell them to us,” another trader who sells hand gloves said.

Critics say the reaction to this pandemic has been too slow but let’s take a look at what Ghanaians have to say about it.

Watch the video below

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