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General News of Thursday, 30 August 2018

Source: Free Press

Tiwala boss roots for youth employment

President of Tiwala Group of Companies, Wisdom King Adukpo President of Tiwala Group of Companies, Wisdom King Adukpo

President of Tiwala Group of Companies, Wisdom King Adukpo is urging government to consider creating more business avenues for the youths that will enhance their capabilities in the business environment.

According to him, the issues facing the youths have been relegated to the background; whereas the focus on development has always been on elections. The entrepreneur mentioned that paying attention to youth unemployment is very critical in nation-building.

“It has never really been about the youth, it has always been about how to win the next elections, If government should really consider creating an avenue where people with very creative business ideas can be empowered irrespective of political affiliations and proper measures put in place to make it easy for young entrepreneurs to register and run a business, unemployment can really be dealt with,” Wisdom Adukpo stated.

He recounted how difficult it was for him to start his first business as a young entrepreneur and how successive governments in Ghana have not really looked at ways to empower young creative Ghanaians to create business ventures that can employ other youths.

Mr Adukpo mentioned that the economy does not favour the establishment of a business with less capital and added that it is imperative government passes policies that are aimed at strengthening the youth’s potentials in the business sector.

“No one should make the mistake of thinking it’s easy to start a business in Ghana. The cost of registering a business alone is something a lot of young graduates cannot even afford,” he said.

He further admonished government that issues which concern the youth must be spearheaded by people who really understand the problems facing the youth.

According to him, people put in charge of youth entrepreneur’s schemes must be people “for the youth” and not self-interest or politically biased people.

He recalled the rot at the Ghana Youth Employment Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) which saw the agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Abuga Pele and others sentenced to prison. Tiwala Boss noted that it is essential committed and selfless people are put in charge of all government sectors to ensure high productivity and greater results.

Tiwala Group of Companies comprises of Tiwala Market Company Limited, Crypton Vile, Godtel Limited, Tiwala Homes, International Entrepreneurs linkup (IEL) and TM2M Empire.

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