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xxxxxxxxxxx of Friday, 14 November 2014


Tiffany should shut up!

Few Days ago, Ghanaian female rapper Itz Tiffany’s sex tapes were leaked by her ex-lover, that is according to her. She has on many times defended her accusation but Frank Gambrah, her baby father who has spoken once after the videos leaked denied doing such a thing to get back at her.

I’ve heard Tiffany trying to defend herself, something I’m not against but I think she is talking too much. One thing I have realised in life is that, the more you talk about a thing trying to vindicate yourself, the more you muddy the water.

I think Tiffany should just keep quiet and never talk about the sex tapes again because people have started losing the sympathy they had for her after the videos were leaked looking at her constant accusations on her baby daddy, Frank. Anytime she tries to talk, she paints the ex-lover black as if he is next to Satan and she is on the right-hand side of God, Angel Tiffany.

The best thing Tiffany could have done after the tapes were leaked was to sit down alone or better still with her management and legal advisers, watch all the videos, and release a press statement to address the whole sex tape drama but not to be jumping from twitter to radio stations trying to defend herself. She should learn something from what her baby father Frank did – he talked once and since then, nobody has heard him making statement in public again. The guy in his only interview on Neat FM this week was able to convince many that he did not leak the tapes – whether you believe it or not he has said it. After his interview, I have heard many entertainment critics say the guy did a good PR job on Neat FM, that is because he sat down to analyze the whole issue before coming out to speak.

I listened to Tiffany on Peace FM on Thursday evening and I must say that most things she said on the show did not make sense to me. Her press statement should have been the first and last words from her but that did not happen. Right after the videos were leaked, she went on twitter to say “I’m not new to this. He’s about to hit u with the worst. Baby father drama. 5 years catch!! Buckle up he has a lot to share!!”. With what she wrote, it meant she did not care about the sex tape. Why then did she say something else in her interview on Joy FM and her press statement. You now understand why I’m asking Tiffany to just shut up and never talk about the sex tapes again?

She should learn something from Emelia Brobbey or her friend Sarkodie. After Emelia landed in Ghana following her alleged shoplifting saga in UK, she quickly went on a radio station in Accra a day after to address the whole issue and kept quiet forever. Hardly will you hear Sarkodie react to issues in public. He will either remain silent or address it through song. I’m not suggesting that she should be silent over a case such as this but she should be able to handle this case very well else it will go against her even though it is an accident.

I don’t want to talk much so let me leave Tiffany to dance to the tune she asked for but before then, Tiffany Owusu, kindly keep quiet and don’t try explaining yourself again, your press statement is enough to tell Ghanaians everything. If you as what decide to react to everything anyone says about your like what you did on Peace FM because someone they called was saying something against you about the tape, then I don’t think you will have time to sleep, not to even talk about writing “Fake London Boy” and “Agye Kum” kind of songs.

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