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General News of Sunday, 4 August 2019


Those fighting me will come running to me after they are spiritually dealt with – Badu Kobi

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Founder and leader of Glorious Wave International play videoProphet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Founder and leader of Glorious Wave International

Glorious Wave Church International Pastor Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has given a subtle word of caution to persons who have taken it upon themselves to ‘fight’ him following comments he made on women in some tribes in the country.

Badu Kobi speaking at his church a week ago, described Ashanti women as greedy, ungrateful and untrustworthy women whom men should not marry. He also described Fante women as foolish and Ewe women as doormats.

His comments have since been met with a lot of backlash with many chastising him for what they describe as ‘irresponsible and tribalistic’ comments.

Most recent was a demonstration by some women at his church premises Sunday morning, where they demanded retractions and an apology from the prophet.

Prophet Kobi, addressing his congregation during service Sunday however remained unperturbed by the calls for an apology, according to him, they were meant for reflection. He further stated that persons who ignored the cautionary statements in there will eventually come running back to him when they are faced with the same things he cited in his statements.

“I will change them, I will change you and soon you’ll be buying cars like you are buying tomatoes. All those fighting me, this is where they’ll come. Their tribes will deal with them spiritually and they’ll say, let’s go to Badu Kobi, he said it”, he said.

He also noted how that he stands by his comments because they were truthful and factual. He believes should ‘critical thinking’ persons take time to analyse it, they would understand his line of reasoning and his point.

He further noted how he has been lauded by some persons amidst the criticisms; persons who believes he was forthright with the truth and should not be sorry for that.

Results have already began showing and testimonies are flowing from those who listened and are benefitting, he confirmed.

“A chief called me and said he’d not bother to greet me anywhere if I apologise, that if I apologise, it means I wasn’t speaking the truth but that my words will eventually manifest. He said he gives me 6 months for it to manifest and so those who want to change should listen and change”.

“I received a text after my comments, it said, “Man of God, since you spoke, my wife has changed’. I was speaking to a couple yesterday and the wife was laughing throughout. I asked why and she said ‘I was trying to tell my husband something, I remembered what you said and I’ve stopped”.

“If you are a woman and you disrespect a man, what has been your level of education? A man is a man, a woman, a woman, a goat, a goat and a chicken, a chicken”.

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