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General News of Saturday, 30 May 2015

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The sale and ownership to acid must be regulated by law- Lokko

The former Director of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) in the 2012 general elections, Madam Eva Lokko has called on government to as matter of urgency pass a law to regulate the purchase, sale and ownership of acid because the commodity has turned to be a dangerous chemical substance rather than a useful substance.
She believes that if laws are passed and implemented to regulate the use of the chemical substance it will go a long way to help through the issuance of licenses to any individual who may want to own, sell or deal in the chemical substance to reduce the increasing number of acid attacks on individuals who in most cases lose their lives or become incapacitated.
Madam Eva Lokko was responding to questions on Nyankonton Mu Nsem following the current on-going crisis in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the death of the late Upper East Regional Chairman the late Mahama Adams when he was attacked by assailants who bath him the chemical substance acid which led to his untimely death.
Madam Eva Lokko who spoke passionately over the attack on Mahama Adams was shocked and could not understand why acid has become a common chemical substance which people could easily lay access to and attack people with the substance and therefore it should be discouraged and not entertained at all.
‘’Acid from the Latin word acidus acere meaning sour is a chemical substance whose aqueous solutions are characterised by a sour taste, the ability to react with bases and certain metals like calcium to form salts. Aqueous solutions of acids have a Ph of less than 7. Non- aqueous acids are usually formed when an anion reacts with one or more positively charged hydrogen cations. A lower Ph means a higher concentration of positive hydrogen ions in the solution.’’
Advice to NPP
Madam Eva Lokko in her submission also advice the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to allow the security and the law agencies to deal with the death of the late Upper East Regional Chairman and avoid the current accusations and counter accusations which is rather deepening the woes of the party which they have fought over the years to build.
She stated that their current crisis does not only affect their party because all other political parties one way or the other see the on-going crisis as a shared concern and it will take the senior leaders of the party to step in and calm tempers down so they resolve their differences a political party to save the entire nation any further disturbances.
Madam Eva Lokko believes also that political parties are giving the opportunity to serve the nation and therefore should exhibit leadership qualities and be able to deliver to the expectation of those who voted them into power but if the current situation within the party is measured against their quest for political power then it will be unsafe for the nation.
Politics according to the former Vice- Presidential Candidate should be a democratic exercise allowing people to express their opinion and irrespective of difference within or out of one’s political party but when people are threatened, attacked or killed because of their opinion over politics then the promotion of democracy will be defeated and that will not promote decency in the political circles.