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General News of Wednesday, 26 September 2007

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The Saga Of The Serial Killing of Women


…Assisting a serious cover-up by unpatriotic and corrupt police men. If Daily Guide and Crusading Guide Journalists are truly patriotic citizens and respect human rights for all, let us all agree to subject Asante-Apeatu’s investigations and findings on the serial killing of women (and later the case of the Murder of the Ya Na) to a thorough scrutiny and re-examination to ascertain the truth before Charles Quansah is wrongfully executed.

Mr Apeatu has lied already about not having met me prior to the meeting with the Former President. Apeatu has tried to rope in the FBI to give credibility to his incredible story.

I am very convinced that his credibility should be put to the test. As a senior policeman who has handled some crucial national issues including the Ya-Na’s murder case, this cannot be allowed to go unchecked - Victor Smith

Quansah And The T-Shirt Evidence

Some Crusading Guide publications quoting police reports have it that a T-Shirt Quansah passed to his girlfriend to wash had blood stains and that since the T-Shirt belonged to Joyce Boateng, the woman who had been found dead near aviation area, Adenta, it (blood-stained T-Shirt) “proved as the evidence that led to Quansah’s arrest on February 21, 2001.” – Crusading Guide’s scrutiny of Apeatu’s Police cum FBI video documentary and court proceedings.

Ya Na’s Severed Head And Hand Not Evidence

Yet, in the case of the YaNa’s murder, Yahinfo and one other person, who were seen carrying the severed head and hand of the murdered King were freed of the charge of murder. Can you believe this? Dead woman’s T-Shirt is evidence of murder, while the King’s severed head and hand is not good enough evidence.

Interestingly Apeatu was the chief investigator in that case as well.

Apeatu The Investigator Par Excellence

Have you read the report of the so-called “Nsawam Prison Conspiracy”? That too was written by Asante-Apeatu as Chief Investigator.

Can you imagine? An incident takes place in Ghana Prisons and the Prisons Service does not have systems within its structure to investigate lapses in their own operations but have to resort to the Ministry of Interior (the political overseer), and who did they assign to do this job? Asante Apeatu!!

Don’t ask me why Apeatu was asked to investigate that particular incident. Your guess is as good as mine.

But remember that Charles Quansah was at the centre of it. Edmund Burke, the Scottish Philosopher once said “Evil thrives when Good people do nothing”.

Let this serial killing case be reopened and re-examined. There is more to it than the Police have told us.

Who Cares About Ohene Ntow And Co’s Directives, When K4 Is In-Charge? That the so-called guideline that the National Executives of the NPP claim that they have put in place to guide the conduct of the numerous persons aspiring to lead the narcotic peddlers party as its flagbearer is nothing but a sham was amply demonstrated almost as immediately as the so-called directive came into force.

The directive, which prohibits aspirants from, among other things, harbouring delegates, came into effect with the narcotic peddlers party’s opening of nominations on Saturday 22nd September 2007, for aspirants to pick up nomination forms.

But almost as soon as the directive came into force, it was given a most contemptuous treatment by none other than Mr. Kufuor’s reputed hand-picked successor, Allan Kyeremanteng.

Oh yes, with plain disregard for the spineless Ohene Ntow as well as other members of his national executive committee, Allan Kyeremanteng asked executives of the NPP in each of the 230 constituencies in the country to give him five members of the party from each one of the constituencies across the country just for the launch of his campaign.

Of course, Allan Kyeremanteng’s apologists would jump up and start telling us that those party people whom he ‘imported’ to Accra are, as yet, not delegates.

And, yes, technically, they would be right. But who says that none of these people stand a chance of becoming a delegate? Indeed, as a matter of fact, I have it on authority that some of the party people who arrived for Allan Kyeremanteng are office holders in their constituencies, and, by virtue of the offices they hold, they are very likely to become delegates to the December congress.

So, if in these early days Allan Kyeremanteng and his people are importing party people with a view to ‘seducing’ them to vote for him, what is Nana Ohene Ntow waiting for to crack the whip?

Or Nana Ohene Ntow is afraid, lest he incurs the displeasure of Nebuchadnezzar Atta Ayi K4?

Somebody should tell Nana Ohene Ntow that leadership is not about mouthing platitudes and peddling falsehoods about one’s opponents, and that true leadership is about taking tough decisions and standing by those tough decisions even when they appear, for the time being, to be unpopular.

Since Nana Ohene Ntow, fortuitously gained the mandate to become the General Secretary of the narcotic peddlers party because people like Dan Botwe, Nana Akuffo-Addo, Osafo Marfo, Lord Commey, and co did not work against him, he has done nothing but to doodle and waffle when it comes to providing true leadership.

As for me, uncle JB, but for the fact that Ohene Ntow is also one of those people who feel that they are qualified to discuss Prof. Mills, I would not be bothered whether or not he is providing quality leadership to the elephant colony.

Ghanaians are watching to see how the leadership of the narcotic peddlers party reacts to this flagrant disdain that Allan Kyeremanteng has shown.