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Diasporia News of Tuesday, 27 October 2015

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The NEC members of the NPP deserve golden ornaments!!!


Having painstakingly perused the reasons adduced to recluse the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party by way of suspension, we are more than thrilled to throw out weights behind the decision the party's NEC took to indefinitely suspend their chairman Mr.Paul Afoko.

From a distance, we have been watching with bemused dismay the number of chaotic scenarios that have greeted this party since Mr.Paul Afoko was elected to lead the NPP, and as chairman, he woefully failed to stem those worrying trends.

Peace seems to have eluded the NPP since Mr.Afoko was endorsed in Tamale last year, and we the diasporan members of the United for Change Movement fully associate ourselves with the decision to oust Mr.Afoko for peace to revisit the party.
In our honest views, the suspension of the chairman was long overdue, since his continued reign over the period has brought the name of the party into disrepute. What we found bewildering, amongst other poor decisions he took, was his attempted defence of his brother, when he sought to provide an alibi for him, when the facts of the matter was later discovered to be not in concert with his efforts to rescue his younger brother from being guillotined. The party should have suspended him at that material moment, but as the elders say, better late than never, we still welcome the decision.

United for Change Movement firmly holds the view that an indisciplined party is not worth considering when power is within reach and is being fought for, we therefore express our profound commendations to the NEC for boldly taking such a tough decision.

While many Ghanaians abroad go to great pains to help fund the activities of the party, the Paul Afoko led-administration was busily engaging in acts which were derailing efforts being made for the party to wrestle power from the Mahama led-administration which has succeeded at worsening the plight of Ghanaians at home. We find this development totally unacceptable, so it has come as a great relief to us that Mr.Afoko has been asked to sit outside for sanity to prevail.

We hope and pray that while he is on the fringes, he will reflect on the events which culminated in his position being temporary taken away from him so that he would be able to provide the sort of quality leadership members of the party require from a chairman if he is recalled to continue as chairman.
Whilst he is at it, he should call his supporters who are on rampage on WhatsApp and other social media platforms to order since their posts and articles leave much to be desired.

United for Change Movement (Diaspora), appeals to the rank and file of the party to remain calm and focused as the party continues with its efforts to wrestle power from the NDC in order to provide the best of leadership to Ghanaians home and abroad. Let every party faithful support this decision and move the party forward.

Thank you.

Robbie Sarkodie Klinsmann(Founder, UFC)
Mr.Anderson(Vice Chairman, Germany)
Rebecca Asante(Organizer, Germany)

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