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Press Releases of Monday, 11 May 2020

Source: James Addo, Contributor

The Learning Partnership, Right for Education and Crystal TV join forces to launch online learning platform

An Oxford-based education programme has launched an online educational programme alongside a pan -African charity and an African television network for primary school children across the globe to aid education processes during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Learning Partnership has partnered with Right for Education, the largest e-learning charity in Africa with 6.85 million learners across Africa, and Crystal Television, a major television production and broadcast company in West Africa headquartered in Ghana, to launch the World Challenge – primarily for children aged 6-12 – across Africa, with plans to launch localised series in Asia, South America and Europe.

Sponsors of the initiative include technology giant Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as engineering firms Rolls Royce and Arup. Further incentives include Rolls Royce and AWS offering future work placements to the competition winners when they are older.

The new platform is designed to create and increase participation and competition within school communities across a range of countries. Focusing on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the partnership is aiming to provide relief and support to families who have to resort to home-schooling during the pandemic.

The inclusive challenge enables families from all backgrounds and locations to take part from their own homes with programmes delivered to households via television or streaming services.

The World Challenge partners, have sought expertise in the respective fields, working alongside KarisMath, a leading primary Mathematics video learning provider with a library of 450 primary focused mathematics videos. The partners have also brought in Twig education – a leading primary science video learning provider with a library of thousands of science videos designed to support primary stage science learning – as a partner for the challenge.

The partners of the World Challenge Club will be collaborating with television networks across the globe, with sporting icons from different disciplines introducing and engaging families in the challenge. Each week will be sponsored by industry partners and the World Challenge will be shown regionally on television networks, with a focus on a specific sector such as mathematics or engineering.

Aulden Dunipace, Founder & CEO of The Learning Partnership, commented: “Families around the world are in lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and an extended lockdown period will only increase the difficulties for parents trying to home school their children and keep them engaged. This reality is more challenging where connectivity to the web is less universal and access to web-based virtual learning less democratised.

The Learning Partnership is experienced in delivering virtual, interactive programmes and by partnering with charities with such a large following in Right for Education and television networks such as Crystal TV and potentially others in different regions, we aim to make life easier for parents and deliver learning experiences to children that have a positive impact on our children’s education and future.”

Dr Susann Dattenberg-Doyle AfBPS, Founder of Right for Education R:Ed – “World Challenge Club is learning by doing, accessible for free in your own time, in your own home, and following your own interests. It inspires career planning in the opportunities of the world today.

The Challenge aligns these learning opportunities to subject learning in Science and Mathematics and makes learning democratic. Joining the WORLD CHALLENGE CLUB is joining a movement for global education and opportunity.”

Dr. Chief Crystal-Djirackor, President & CEO of Crystal Television Network, said: “Providing for teaching and learning through television have always been part of our programming policy since the establishment of the Crystal Television Network over twenty-five years ago”.

“Our partnership with Right for and The Learning, to deliver virtual learning to School Children across the globe, particularly in these times where COVID-19 is ravaging our world, is an extraordinary achievement and very fulfilling. Our greater joy is the opportunity provided for learners across Africa, who are able to network with other students around the world, as they aim to achieve their academic ambitions on a global playing field with equal opportunities. The World Challenge Club offers exactly the needed practical hands-on and activity-based learning to all primary age learners throughout the world and Crystal TV is glad to be a founding member of this global initiative”.

The World Challenge is set to run for a three-month period during the pandemic. Series one of the challenge is launching in mid-May, with a second series to follow in June and a third series will run throughout July.

The challenge can be accessed free of all charge globally at

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