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General News of Thursday, 18 January 2018


The 3 most ‘irrelevant’ questions asked at this year's 'Meet the Press' encounter

President Akufo-Addo play videoPresident Akufo-Addo

The much-anticipated encounter between President Akufo-Addo and the media has come to a successful end.

The encounter, which is beginning to become a tradition for all presidents, presents journalists the opportunity to ask questions that the general public need clarification on.

However, whereas some of the questions really got the President to dig deep, other journalists clearly showed there were there just to add up to the numbers. There were certain questions that were asked and you wonder if really those journalists behind them did due diligence before coming up with them.

Here are three of the most 'irrelevant' questions YEN noted:

1. Homosexual conspiracy question

One lady from Pan African television stood up to ask if the President’s interview with Aljazeera on homosexuality was planned in order to give gay persons in Ghana a voice.

She went on to ask if the whole interview was a conspiracy theory.

Really? It is very surprising to know that at a whole press encounter where hard-hitting questions are expected to be asked, one like this pops up. The homosexuality subject in itself is a pressing issue but the fact is that the angle chosen just doesn't add up.

Unfortunately, the questions that were asked before hers centered on policies that were of huge interest to Ghanaians and that made this ‘homosexuality conspiracy’ question even more irrelevant.

2. Question on why other Heads of State came to Ghana last year

When another journalist asked the president “what accounted for other Heads of State trooping to Ghana” last year, you could sense the frustration on the faces of other colleagues who did not have the opportunity to ask their own questions.

For an encounter that has limited time and spares only a few journalists the chance to ask their questions, such a question is the least expected. It is common knowledge that Heads of other states visit other countries.

2017 was not the first time it happened and Nana Addo’s government will not be the last time it happens.

And to ask why they came to Ghana? Hello, but have we suddenly forgotten about bilateral ties, diplomacy et al?

3. Question on whether the 2012 election petition is a hallmark of the 4th Republic.

This journalist started his preamble very nicely until he asked “whether the live coverage and outcome of the 2012 election petition ruling” is a major hallmark of Ghana’s 25 years in the Fourth Republic.

For God’s sake the 2012 election petition was historic. It was the first time that an election in Ghana was being contested in court, so why bother to even ask if is “a major hallmark” of the Fourth Republic?

It is unknown what may have influenced such a question but for it to be asked at an encounter meant to address pressing issues, it a ‘No-no’ situation.

And especially when the answer to the question is so clear that even a basic school pupil will answer it.

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