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Regional News of Thursday, 24 December 2020

Source: McAnthony Dagyenga, contributor

Take your welfare into your own hands - Education Director

Municipal Director of Education for New Juaben South, Mr. Victor Etsison De-Graft Municipal Director of Education for New Juaben South, Mr. Victor Etsison De-Graft

The Municipal Director of Education for New Juaben South, Victor Etsison De-Graft, has advised staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to take paramount interest in their own welfare now before they hit retirement.

According to him, welfare is a personal decision and that the way a worker handles his or her personal welfare is what will lead them to their pension.

"If you take your welfare for granted today, you will have a regrettable pension.

"Life after pension can send you to your grave early if you do not take it serious now," Mr. De-Graft said.

Speaking at the 2020 Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols held by the Municipal Education Directorate in Koforidua on Thursday, Mr. De-Graft also enlightened the staff members on Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) pension pay systems.

"Do not think your SSNIT pension lump sum can rescue you after pension because it is very meagre.

"Under no circumstances will SSNIT decide to increase the pension pay. This time they are paying what is called 'pass credit' meaning all the money you contributed to SSNIT upto 31st December, 2009 is what they are giving back to you.

"Meanwhile, at that time, the salary was nothing to write home about. For instance, if you were contributing GHC3 a month, a year will total GHC36 multiplied by say 10 years will be GHC360. When you retire, you will be paid GHC360," he explained.

Mr. De-Graft also clarified that tier two of SSNIT pension would be considered from workers' contributions from 1st January 2010 and that 5% of their monthly salaries would be calculated and paid them after their pension.

"So if for instance, your monthly salary was GHC400, 5% of it would be GHC20. GHC20 times 12 months times say 10 years is GHC2,400. That is a woeful peanut. And it is what will be invested and given to you.

"So, it is better you open your own tier three by joining various welfare schemes. GNAT, Directorates and other associations in the GES have welfare schemes that you can join to better your lives," the Municipal Director advised emphasising on the young workers who still have more working years ahead of them.