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General News of Thursday, 19 January 2017

Source: Krachi Youth Association

Support Akufo-Addo in the creation of another region in Volta - Krachi youth

President  Akufo-Addo President Akufo-Addo

The Krachi Youth Association and the entire Krachi citizenry congratulate Nana Addo for ascending on the highest office of President of the Republic of Ghana.

We further want to express our unflinching and unshakable support to the President's agenda to create a new region for the people living in northern Volta out of the current Volta Region.

We believe that this move is in the right direction in response to the request made to our former presidents in our fourth republican administration but all failed to fulfil it. It is therefore exciting to hear that our current president who promised to create the new region while in opposition is about to make into reality his promise.

We know but have been silent as a people from the northern Volta that the request was not fulfilled under our former presidents because of some faceless forces in the southern Volta who are predominantly ewes deliberately kicking against the creation of the new region.

We therefore see it as a bold and honest step by president, Akuffo Addo to meet the long awaited aspirations of the good people of northern Volta.

We urge His Excellency the President to go ahead with his agenda to create the additional regions without bowing to any potential political interference and influences by the said faceless forces.

We know and believe that the new region if created will bring real development and progress to the doorsteps of our people in Krachi East,Krachi West,Krachi Nchumburu,Buem,Jasikan, Biakoy3,Nkwanta North and South districts in the northern part of Volta unlike the current under development inequitable distribution of resources we have experienced this under this current regional administration over past.

We hereby cease the opportunity to urge Ghanaians to disregard and treat with contempt the petition of the so called 'Concerned Youth of Volta Region ' who are kicking against the creation of the new region.

In fact, their entire publication was infantile, myopic, schizophrenic, psychotic, pathologically and factually inaccurate. Their claims lacked integrity and one can only describe it as 'Feto Blastosis'.

We therefore dispute all their claims as follows:

• Their petition is not and cannot be made on behalf of the entire people of Volta region.

• All people from Volta region do not share or trace their historical and ancestral background from the same source and that we all have a different history and even among the South and North Ewes.

• The people of Volta North are predominantly Akans and Guans and not Ewes.

• The respected Torgbe Sri III and Torgbe Afede do not represent the Chiefs and people of the entire Volta region unlike the Asantehene who is the King of all Ashantis in the country. This comparison cannot hold water.

• The government of Nana Akuffo Addo is rather one of BOLDNESS and not cowardice as they claimed which is to realize the aspirations of a marginalized hard working people of northern Volta.

• The creation of the region will rather bring real and meaningful development to our side of Volta and bring to a halt the perpetual situation where major projects were only concentrated in the southern part of the Volta region dominated by Ewes.

• That there's nothing like Father and son in the Volta region. The northern Volta are not sons neither are we fathers to the southern Volta. We also do not see any political agenda to weaken the stronghold of any political party. • We shall continue to live together as brothers and sisters of different regions if the new region is eventually created.

• In furtherance of the above disputes against the petition of the concerned group, we wish to advise all unscrupulous personalities and organizations who are kicking against this Great move by President Akuffo Addo to put a stop to it. We call on all of such people to support the process to take off smoothly.

In conclusion, we thank the President for his vision for the people of northern Volta and wish him God's blessings to succeed.

Long live Ghana

Long live Krachi Youth Association.

Signed: Mr. Prosper Alleko (Chairman) 0244753734

Barnabas Kwame Yeboah (PRO) 0208270982

Daniel Lordson. (Secretary) 0242017171.