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Opinions of Thursday, 9 February 2012

Columnist: Okyeame On The Beat

Stop Lying About The IGP

(Furious Okyeame Tells Deputy Chief Constable & Co)

This perhaps, is my final warning to you, Mr. Deputy “Chief Constable”, Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan and your cartel before I begin to unleash my arsenal on you, since you have decided to go on with your evil agenda of destroying your boss, Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye.
I am aware Alhaji Amidu Mahama, your new-found “dog”, is a member of your league that is hell-bent of damaging the hard-won reputation of the IGP, but I swear that so far as I live under the sun, your sinful conspiracy will not see the light of day.
Folks, I know you cannot wait to hear the juicy information on how Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan, who wants to become an IGP at all cost is spearheading a group in the police service, with backing from some people at the Presidency to make things difficult for Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye. But before that, kindly permit me to bring this few developments emanating from the NPP’s game plan of hanging onto the Woyome matter; and the latest of Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) report.
According to my insider sources, the NPP is knocks the cross road as to whether to go ahead with the Woyome case as their propaganda tool or concentrate on marketing their bad commodity of a flagbearer, Akufo Addo, now that EIU’s report is so damaging and threatening to rock their electoral fortunes.
Some believe that the party has channelled enough energy, and wasted much time on debating the so-called’ Woyome affair’, instead of working seriously to convince the good people of this country of what they could offer for exchange of electorate vote for their flagbearer, who is immorally bankrupt. But I think both those against and in favour of the decision as to whether or not to make the judgment debt paid the aforementioned personality are wasting their time.
The NPP is wasting its energy because, there is no way the people of this country will vote them into power again; and particularly, come December 2012 elections because of the bitter experiences they suffered in that party’s eight (8) years of mismanaging the affairs of this country.
In fact, Woyome or not, President Mills and his NDC will still win this year’s general election as the EIU report has already revealed, so the NPP should better think about how to sideline the Akufo Addo’s Akyem mafia and organized for 2016.
If they were serious, they should been more interested in marketing their flagbearer, who has been captured in various reports as recipe for disaster and somebody who smoke wee heavily and is also a notorious womanizer instead of using this Woyome issue as their campaign tool, when some of their members have been highly implicated in the interim report presented so far by the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO).
The records are there to show that, President Mills and his NDC government had so far chalked enough success in their three (3) years of coming into power, be it in infrastructural development or many others.
To be honest folks, the developmental projects undertaken in just three years by the President Mills administration will even do the magic to send Akufo Addo and his Akyem gang into political extinction, so I will urge the NPP to go ahead with their Woyome propaganda.
Back to the substantive issue, I think this Mohammed Alhassan chap is biting more than he can chew in his craze to become an IGP and I will teach him a very bitter lesson.
Because he wants the job of Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye, he has decided to lie about a decision that he was part of, thinking he will succeed in painting his boss evil before personnel of the service, and for that matter the powers that be, but I promise he will crash.
As the chairman of Appointment, Promotion and Advisory Board (APAB) that recommended that the Cadet course mid-way 44 be implemented, and was equally part of the team that did the selection only for the IGP to approved. Because he has a hidden agenda against his boss, he and his new-found “dog” are denying their involvement because there emerged hue and cry about the said decision to organize this special cadet course.
What this Alhassan chap has forgotten is that, the evil that men do, they live to meet it and I know that posterity will surely judge him.
In fact, right from day one that Mr. Quaye assumed office this guy has never given him peace of mind, and has continue to lobby people at the Vice President’s outfit so he can be made the IGP.
For those behind this man at the Vice Presidency, I will take the fight to them; but my last warning to the deputy Chief Constable is that, he should stop lying on the IGP and wait patiently for his turn; or resign from the service.
If the noble institution like the Ghana Police Service (GPS) deserves at this material moment, an image-cleansing, like the current Inspector General of Police, Mr. Paul T. Quaye envisions it, the last thing it deserves must be the burden of Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Alhassan at its saddle.
And readers must rest assured and keep their fingers crossed when I, Okyeame, start unfolding the reason why Mohammed deserves not to head the Ghana Police Service as Inspector General. Ghanaians would not be safe under his IGP-ship, No! There could be wreck!