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Politics of Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Source: TYDE

Statement: NPP’s decision to impose MPs on electorates undemocratic

TYDE GHANA observes with regret the communication on a manipulative agenda by a few stalwarts within the opposition New Patriotic Party to disenfranchise their grass-root electoral base. This formal communication reveals that NPP is considering a proposal that will allow all of its current Members of Parliament to go uncontested in the party’s primaries ahead of the 2016 general elections.

This development smacks of backwardness which is contrary to the continuous calls for efforts to deepen democracy in Ghana and Africa in general. It is a clear affront on the NPP’s internal democracy and it is unfortunate to say the least. Political parties must recognize that Ghana’s strive to consolidate its democracy can only thrive when the parties themselves enhance their internal democracy through structures that promote inclusiveness and transparency of all who matter.

TYDE GHANA is particularly concerned about the impact this agenda will have on young people within the NPP who are nurturing political ambitions to succeed these ageing stalwarts.

Whereas some NPP MPs may be underperformed and that their constituency electorates may be hoping to abandon them for some other suitable candidates, the political ambitions of some prospective candidates, particularly young people, will be eventually dashed by this well-orchestrated agenda to disenfranchise both electorates and MP hopefuls.

A people who proffer to be liberal or property-owning democrats should not ply this wobbling path of undemocratic compartments. This motive has the propensity to create a bad precedence which will ultimately destroy the democratic structures within the family of NPP, and also have far-reaching implications for Ghana’s multi-party democracy.

TYDE GHANA urges the leaders of the New Patriotic Party to forthwith jettison this ill-conceived idea of mass imposition of parliamentary candidates on the electorates in order to justifiably maintain the democratic dispensation within the party and country at large.


TYDE Communications Team

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