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General News of Thursday, 13 December 2012

Source: Haruna Institute

Statement: NPP Must Call their Supporters to Order!

It is most regrettable to learn that innocent NDC supporters have been attacked left, right and centre for no apparent reasons. This follows after the autonomous Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana declared NDC and His Excellency John Dramani Mahama the winner of 2012 national polls.

The election by all standards was one of Ghana’s freest and fairest elections since the Fourth Republic began in 1992. This can be affirmed by the necessary systems that were put in place and the manner in which the election it was conducted: A new register was opened. And for the first time every eligible voter was Biometrically Verified before they cast their ballots.

Observer mission from African Union and Ecowas headed by Olusegun Obasanjo monitored and keenly followed the elections and have attested to everyone’s claim that the election was hugely fair. CODEO concords as well and their co-chair *Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe *has described the election saying ”results accurately reflected the will of Ghanaians.”

It is therefore distressing to the heart of our infant democracy per the posturing and attitude of the NPP and her leadership by the outright rejection of the electoral results. These actions cast a slur on the so-called patriots and democrats the NPP claim to be.

Despite numerous calls from civil societies, NPP supporters are not only visiting mayhem on journalists and media houses but innocent NDC supporters across the country especially people who are cladded in NDC party colours and paraphernalia.

Whiles others are allegedly mob-beaten, some are cudgelled and regrettably some are stabbed to death. This news of persistent molestation is creating undue tension in flash spots and must be stopped before reprisal and sporadic attacks spark across the length and breadth our peaceful nation.

The widespread publications of these ungodly and dastard acts couple with live and colour video evidence on YouTube video channel ‘common-sensically’ affirms the intel we receive from our supporters from all nook and cranny.

We have been calming down our supporters to avoid engaging in fight back and we afraid they might lose their ‘hearts’ and ‘heads’ and go gaga – and might return a rock for pebble – it is only human.

Every party has a stronghold and our supporters who wish as well stands to bear the brunt if the assaults fragment to other parts of the country.

The leadership of the NPP should quit the charade of admonishing their supporters for it even escalates the rate of the incidence. The behaviour of their supporters only reflects the calibre of NPP’s leader as a party. The incendiary comments made by some of their Communication Team members ought to be checked.

The NPP and the Nana Addo are vindicating the NDC’s interpretation of certain phrases that were unreservedly retched out prior to the elections: winning power at all cost, I don’t care who dies for me to become a president (all die be die), we are ever ready to polarise this nation on ethnic lines (y?n akanfour) inter alia.

We are of the view that no one can superintendent over a country in disarray. To a large extent the NPP’s unjustified attitude and failure to concede defeat is a premeditated attempt to push Ghana to civil and political unrest. NPP should seek redress using the necessary state institutions and desist from taking the law into their hands for irresponsible conducts.

In the interest of the NPP, their party’s unbecoming nature is causing internal and external disaffection to the party. Well-known personalities who vouched their support for the party have registered their disappointment in the NPP’s gross and unpatriotic actions.

We crave the indulgence of the media to as a matter of their social responsibility deny NPP folks who want to use their network for the Gospel of Macabre and Gore.

The police should also be on their feet to curtail possible machinations by the any Ghanaian who thinks Ghana should die to gratify their iniquitous whims and caprices.

We are also calling on our supporters to exercise maximum restraint in celebration and jubilation in order not to provoke other party members in their respective vicinities.

We also regret deeply with condolences to supporters and their families who one way or the other is visited with NPP’s brutality and barbarity. We are assuring them that we are putting across the necessary measures to arrest the situation.

Long live Ghana!

Long live NDC!

Long live our supporters!

Edey bee k?k?!

*Abdulai Hanan R. Confidence*

*024 9388362*

*(Press Secretary) *

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*Issahaku Alhassan *

*024 6323187*

*(P.R.O.) *