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Politics of Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Source: Anlo Youth Coalition

Statement: Anlo Youth Coalition cautions Atubiga

The attention of Anlo Youth Coalition has been drawn to a publication on Ghanaweb on 8th of March, 2014 titled “ GYEEDA rot: Humado must be sacked and prosecuted – Atubiga” attributed to one Stephen Atubiga. First and foremost, we want to register our disappointment at the leadership of NDC Communications Team for their continuous engagement of Stephen Atubiga who has clearly demonstrated time and again that he lacked the basic cognitive ability to comprehend issues.

The recklessness, naivety and sheer ignorance that landed that Atubiga chap in jail in 2013 should be enough grounds to excuse him from the party’s communications team. So, whoever is in charge of the party’s communication team should sit up.

We have extended enough respect to the system we have all worked hard to build and sustain. However, if the system will sit down unconcerned and watch some bigots to continue disrespecting us, then we may ‘stand up to that madness’.

The statement by Atubiga that Hon. Humado should be dismissed and prosecuted is vacuous as it is vexatious. It is born out of ethnocentrism and clearly demonstrates Atubiga’s incapability of understanding the issues, let alone the burden of communicating the issues to the general public.

How can Atubiga communicate to the public what he lacked the cognitive ability to understand? Anlo Youth Coalition is restrained to come to a conclusion as to who should be prosecuted or not in the GYEEDA case because the power to prosecute or otherwise is not vested in us or Atubiga. This power is vested in the Attorney Generals’ Department.

We want to make it clear to Atubiga, Manasseh Azuri , Alhaji Bature’s Al-Hajj newspaper and Andrew Awuni’s Scandal Newspaper that the days when a sect will team up to prosecute the strategy of ‘Calling the Dog a bad name to Hang it’ are over in Ghana. Putting out series of speculative stories about Hon. Clement Kofi Humado to dent his hard-won reputation and paint him black before Ghanaians will not achieve the intended motive, because Ghanaians are very discerning.

Ghana chose the path of democracy, where the Rule of Law and Due Process reign supreme. The Anlo Youth Coalition, at this juncture would like to commend the President of the Republic, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama for upholding due process in the GYEEDA case and all other cases by allowing due process to take its course.

We believe in the competency of the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), the Police CID, the Attorney Generals’ Department and the courts. We are very clear in our minds that the ‘noise’ from Stephen Atubiga et al, will not distract the very professional state institutions carrying out their responsibilities in investigating and prosecuting those found culpable in the GYEEDA case.