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Regional News of Sunday, 26 July 2020

Source: TMGHLive, Contributor

Stacy Amewoyi donates sewing machines to celebrate her birthday

Stacy Amewoyi donated the sewing machines and undisclosed cash to some women in Takoradi, Cape Coast Stacy Amewoyi donated the sewing machines and undisclosed cash to some women in Takoradi, Cape Coast

Multifaceted Ghanaian entrepreneur and humanitarian, Stacy M. Amewoyi commenced the journey of becoming a self-made business maven at age 17.

The idea birthed from hectic childhood, largely as an orphan, school dropout and petty trader. However, Stacy harboured and established the mindset of altering the trajectory of her tale to inspire others to aspire for greatness and never settle for less.

Although her foundation in education was weak, that didn’t pull Stacy away from achieving her goals; she went back to school to acquire a certain amount of education conquered the odds and changed the status quo by building her humanitarian organization; Stacy M. Foundation to cater for other less-privileged teens.

The sole goal was to provide vocational training in bead making, tailoring and hairdressing for them to start their businesses and be independent.

With the foundation’s operations running across the depth of the nation, it has so far helped an estimated number of 300 young ladies and embarked on annual donation to orphanage homes also.

In celebrating her birthday, Stacy embarked on a donation spree with ten sewing machine and cash to young men and women respectively in Cape Coast and Takoradi.

A gesture she maintains as a form of worship and gratitude to God. And, she has on several occasions said, she wished to build shelters in each region in Ghana for the less privileged, either from her pocket or join others to do so.

Being fully on course and with rapid growth in humanitarian activities, she commissioned her personal company MBA Empire Venders Limited, with subsidiaries; SMA Trading, Mawuena Multimedia, The King’s Choice Publishing House.

The subsidiaries do a whole lot of work for the mother company including branding of merchandise like hoodies, T-Shirts, bags, wigs, hair extensions. And, has planned to publish its novels, and run media company as well.

She also owns and operates the New York Fashion Boutique and New York Beauty supply in Ghana, these two companies handle the fashion and cosmetics aspect of her business. Additionally, Stacy packages local products such as Shitor, Alata Samina, Shea Butter, Kokonte, Tom Brown, Zoomi etc for export to other parts of the world, especially America, where she is based and work.

She employs Africans to run the operations of her businesses because she believes a change in every aspect of life begins from the younger generation from the continent. If they are equipped with skills and income, they can help move any country forward.

She developed a love for diversified bildungsroman writing and more and has since published top-selling works like The Kings Choice and The Price Of Love, she is currently working on The Languages & Key Of Love and also Missing Fathers. She prefers to write about her real-life events and that of others and the Missing Fathers encompass that.

With life stories of many well-established businessmen and women across the globe who grew-up with traumatic pain of not knowing who their biological fathers are, these effects have trickled into their social lives, for which, they have spent years trying to come to terms with.

Before issuing Missing Fathers for global readers, she will be publishing her first a batch of books under The King’s choice Publishing House; the titles include The Science Of Love, How Could I Have Known, Victim Of Circumstances, Love Mystery Born and Silence Of Love. And, she has also promised more packages which will follow right after these aforementioned imminent projects are released.

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