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Press Releases of Thursday, 8 April 2021

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Soccabetting tips

Soccabetting tips Soccabetting tips

What is the Double Chance?

This is typically the second option when you select a match on
It gives the customer the chance to bet on two of the three outcomes of football.
You get to choose two out of home win, away win and draw for a match.

There are three options under double betting.
These are: 1X, 12 AND X2
- 1X: Because 1 is for home and x for draw, the 1X Double bet offers you the opportunity to pick a home win or draw for a single match.
This means you win when the home team wins or the match ends in a draw!
- 12: Under this, the 1 which is home win and 2 for away win has been put together.
Any result aside draw means your bet has won!
- X2: This option combines X for draw and 2 which is for away win.
In summary, your bet is valid when the selected match ends in favour of the away team or a draw!

So, with the Double Chance, you take less risk on football matches.
Take Note: The Double Chance odds DOES NOT include happenings during extra time and penalty shootouts.

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What is the 3-WAY ODDS [1X2]?

Today, we focus on the three-way odds:

This is usually the first option when you select a match on

It sums up the three possible outcomes of a football match at the end of ninety minutes.

Take note that some minutes of additional time can be added after the regulation time.

However, the three-way odds DOES NOT include happenings during extra time and penalty shootouts.

The selection for a home team to win a match is characterized by the number 1 which has the odds to it.

A bet on a draw match is symbolised by the letter X, while your selection for an away team to win is denoted by the number 2.

Only one option can be picked from the 3-way odds at a time.

What are Odds?

Betting odds simply indicate the likelihood of an event and the return you'd get if you did make a wager on the result.

On, odds are ALWAYS written as two decimals (1.85) or (3.00) or (5.50).

To get your potential winning, you basically multiply your money staked and the odds.

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