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Business News of Friday, 30 March 2018


Simple things to avoid in order to earn more money

In this world there are two kinds of people in the entrepreneurial or business sector, one of such people are idlers who don’t want to work but just want to make money; on the other hand are the people who are ready to work and never get rich.

Wondered why you still work hard and the money you desire to have, you end up not having as much as you want.

According to research from successful businessmen’s biographies, it has been gathered that there are lot of factors that hinders us from earning more money. In this write up, four factors will be discussed that you need to put a stop to if you want to earn more money.

One of such factors that deprives us from earning more is working for free; in this part of the world people expect you to work free for them based on their personal relationship with you. But working for free for people or a company shows you are not professional because you spend your time, knowledge and abilities to a company’s prosperity. All work should be paid for, a person can only work for free if it is to gain more insight in a career but don’t let your experience exceed all the effort that you have spent.

Being afraid of asking for a promotion is another factor that contributes to not earning more. Employees have become mute on asking their employers for a promotion because of fear of discontent and condemnation. When your responsibilities have increased and the salary is still the same, you must be bold to petition for a promotion whether it will be accepted or not. It’s better to ask for promotion on a Friday in the first half of the day but it all depends on the person’s background and character.

Furthermore, people forget to ask themselves some simple questions such as “What do you think about your job?”, “If you had a lot of money will you still work in the company?” Well if you have answered no, try to prospect more platforms that will help you earn money. People who love their jobs perform it with great pleasure and excitement and it makes one more productive in their workplaces. If an employer notices your enthusiasm about your work, he or she will be interested in your professional growth and gives you a plus to earn more money. A job not well done will never make you rich.

Finally, shielding your relationship issues with work won’t help you earn more money. Don’t allow your relationship or personal issues coincide with work, it makes you preoccupied and inefficient at your workplace. Try to resolve all personal issues and have a clear mind to work. Researchers say happy people earn more than their sad colleagues.

To conclude, financial experts say to earn more money you can turn your hobby into a source of income, take up freelance work, try online courses and learn something new. Take the necessary risks whether it will succeed or not.