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General News of Sunday, 19 June 2011

Source: The Spectator

Sex worker asks court to dismiss "client's" claims

A 19-year old sex worker at Agbobloshie in Accra has asked the James Town Police to dismiss a GH¢222 theft case brought against her by a complainant, saying she took the money as payment for sexual services she rendered to him.

The complainant, Dajuna Inusuh, 17, had reported to the police that on Saturday, May 21, this year, Aisha Mohammed, the sex worker whom he casually knew, entered his room when he was asleep and took the money.

Police Superintendent B.B. Bakomora, the James Town Police District Commander, con-firmed the incident to The Spectator in Accra.

The complainant said when he detected that the GH¢222 in his pocket was stolen, he suspected Aisha.

He said even though Aisha initially denied stealing the money, she later admitted taking it. Aisha claimed she has sent the money to her mother at Kpassa.

According to Inusah when he arrested Aisha and put her in a taxi to be sent to the police station, she feigned illness.

Subsequently, two boys who claimed to be Aisha's brothers joined her in the taxi to the Ussher clinic in Accra.

The doctor on duty is reported to have turned them away asking the group to collect a police form before Aisha could be attended to.

Aisha was taken to the Railways Unit Police where she was given a medical form.

At this point the cabbie started demanding his fare of GH¢10 and the boys accompanying her asked Inusah to pay but he had no money on him.

Inusah therefore took them back to his apartment at Agbogbloshie and collected GH¢550 out of which he gave the driver the GHC¢10 and kept the remainder in his pocket.

According to Inusah, instead of going back to the hospital to get the treatment for Aisha, the cab driver drove straight to Nima where he was beaten up by the boys and the GHC¢540 taken from him.

This account by Inusah was flatly rejected by Aisha who said Inusah actually invited her to the house for sex.

Aisha said she explained to Inusah that one round of sex was GH¢20 and Inusah had three rounds of the encounter which totaled GH¢60.

According to Aisha when she demanded the fee Inusah refused to pay and later fell asleep.

Aisha said she searched Inusah's pocket and took GH¢130 and used some of the money to buy saucepan, a piece of cloth, a necklace and intended to use the remainder to pay her rent.

Aisha who explained that the fees vary according to what time of the day her services are engaged, charged Inusah GH¢20 because it was in the afternoon.