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General News of Monday, 8 August 2005

Source: The Enquirer

Serial Killer Drops Bombshell

Convicted serial killer, Charles Papa Kwabena Ebo Quansah, who is currently on death row at the Nsawam Medium Security Prison for murdering nine out of 34 women in Accra, has secretly spoken to prison officers about his case. He says he needs an independent enquiry into his trial and a committed attorney to help him clear his name and prove his innocence in the serial killing debacle which literally took the country to ransom for over two years.

Quansah, has alleged that the Director of this police Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Mr. David Asante-Apeatu, ordered his men to torture him (Quansah) to implicate certain high profile personalities (names withheld for now) as those behind the killing. The convicted serial killer is exhibiting deep scars on his body as examples of how the police allegedly pressed his body with hot iron to compel him to admit to the killings. He mentioned a certain Inspector Onipa, Superintendent Issah and Sergeant Charles as the officers who allegedly tortured him and forced him to admit killing the women when he was in custody at the Police Headquarters in Accra.

Prison officers at the Nsawam Prison told this reporter who has been on the serial killing beat for close to three years, say Quansah, who the police said openly confessed to killing nine out of the 34 women, has since his placement on death row, maintained that his conviction was a case of miscarriage of justice because he is innocent of the heinous crime.

But last year April 2004, Mr. David Asante-Apeatu, Director of the CID at the police headquarters who was visibly angered by Quansah's claim, furiously denied ordering the torture of convicted Quansah, saying "do you know what a criminal can do?"

Mr. Apeatu was speaking in an interview when he was contacted to reach to Quansah's allegations against him. CID boss Apeatu continued that Quansah broke down on one occasion and voluntarily confessed to killing nine of the women who he serially killed in Accra. According to Mr. Apeatu, even though Quansah was accused of murdering nine women, he was tried for only one of the murders and the dockets on the eight other cases were at that time (last year April) still lying the bosom of then Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Papa Owusu-Ankomah..

Meanwhile, Quansah has been quoted by prison sources as saying that during one of the torturous interrogations he cheekily told the police that he killed 90 of the women and not the 34 they were asking him to admit.

This he claims was what the interrogating officers twisted to mean that he confessed to killing nine of the 34 women.

Prison sources who have had interactions with Quansah in Prison, told this paper that Quansah is griming about his conviction. They noted that Quansah still believes strongly that he never carried out any of the killings, neither did he confess to killing any of the women, and that he is a casualty of miscarriage of justice.