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Business News of Sunday, 10 December 2017


Science is relevant to marketing – Yolanda Cuba

CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Zoleka Cuba, has emphasized the importance of science in the marketing industry.

She underscored the need for science in the field of marketing by alluding to the fact that science is a learnable concept, which she believes is an essential element in marketing activities.

Making reference to her experience with successful company owners, Mrs. Cuba admitted that though the influx of science in the marketing industry, consumer insight remains fundamental to marketing companies.

“I am here to tell you a very uncomfortable truth that marketing is no longer only about arts. It is also about science. Science is a core part of what we need to get right in all marketing activities going forward. When something is a science, that means it is learnable kind of behaviour. It is a learnable art. It is a learnable kind of behaviour. It becomes a discipline”, she explained.

“And for me, that has been the biggest lesson coming out of speaking to a lot of nerds who are running companies, in the last week. However, having said that, let’s remember that fundamental to marketing is actually understanding people, understanding human behaviour. Understanding what makes people tick. And that is called consumer insight. And that is not yet about to change. So while machines are taking over a lot of things, consumer insight is still required”, she admitted.

She also admitted that although data will be of essence to marketing gurus, it will not be able to answer the fundamental question in terms of customer relations, which is what mostly require.

“Therefore, although data will be able to assist us, it will not be able to answer the fundamental question when we are dealing with our consumers or our customers. Data will tell us the where, like the telco industry. I know where you are, I know who you’re talking to. And the guys in the national security know what you are talking about sometimes. I can’t know what you are talking about”, she added.