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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Columnist: Owusu-Gyamfi, Clifford

Scam Alert: Maame Water Grips Bui

There has been a shocking news circulating in Ghana about supposedly capture of Maame Wata (The water goddess) in the event of the construction of the Bui dam. From the Daily Guide, it was reported that "Though it is too weird for the eye to behold, it has really happened in a part of this country." Parts of the report given by Daily Guide Ghana state that, "A river goddess which looks like a mermaid, known in local parlance as 'Maame Water', has been trapped and caught alive at the Bui River, where the Bui Hydro Electric Dam is currently under construction."

Daily Guide Ghana describes the creature like this "The strange mammal, which has a human head and very long whitish hair with two crawling fore limbs like the lizard, has a snake lower body. It is suspected to be over 100m long and wails continuously like a whale with great echo."

The reason behind the capture was also given by Daily Guide that "The monster, which is said to be the spirit of the river until its capture, was believed to be behind the mysterious destruction of the bridge being built across the dam. It took a team of Chinese spiritualists employed from China to trap it, the reports claim."

The video of the said creature has been circulating on Youtube with a caption, "Strange Animal found In Ghana". But investigation has found out that, the said video with the caption is not new on Youtube. The same video which has a length of 1.58 minutes has different titles circulating on Youtube. The earliest of it is witht the caption "shocking women turned into a snake.mp4" which was posted on January 1, 2010. . I do also provide below same video with different titles circulating on the internet with the same background and people.

A GIRL Changed into a SNAKE (October 26, 2010) Alien creature found in Indonesia (January 7, 2011) snake women in india gujarat (February 1, 2011)

Now my question is, "Who claim to have took this video?" And why is it being related to the construction of the Bui dam which has longed been delayed? Was Daily Guide Ghana sure of their sources of information? And is this the so called video Daily Ghana claim to have in their possession?

Recently I heard that same creature has been captured in different places of the world. Let people who say that bring solid materials to prove their point. Anyone who will try to justify this video to relate it to the collapse of the Bui construction is merely doing so to deceive the entire nation that the delay is due to that creature or to cover up something fishy.

I do hereby challenge faithful journalists in the country to get into the matter to bring out the truth and also bring to light what is happening at Bui. If investigation proves negative, then Daily Guide Ghana must be held responsible for scam news fabrication. The time that Ananse stories were used to deceive kids are gone. The Chinese have connived with some bad politicians to rip the country. Ghanaians open your eyes and let's claim our wealth from insincere people in the country.