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Samuel Sarpong: “vampire pastors should be careful with me”
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Religion of Sunday, 22 March 2015

Source: Listowell Yesu Bukarson

Samuel Sarpong: “vampire pastors should be careful with me”

Story by: Listowell Yesu Bukarson, Freelance Journalist

The Former Ashanti Regional Minster, Hon. Dr. Samuel Sarpong has vowed to resist and deal with quack men of God who feed on politicians by making false prophecies and questionable demands from them, claiming to be praying for them and their political parties.
Sounding very furious and determined, Hon Dr Sarpong sounded a chisel warning to those so-called men of God, whom he described as vampires seeking to milk politicians in the name of God.
“Vampire pastors should be careful with me” he fumed
Hon. Dr Sarpong, who is also former Central Regional Minster and ex-Mayor of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, was reacting in an exclusive interview with this reporter, to reports that he had caused the arrest and detention of one pastor Adjei.
“Three years ago, one Pastor Adjei called me asking for financial support to enable him and his prayer team to intercede on behalf of the NDC party to win the 2012 elections”. He revealed.
Asked what evidence he had to substantiate his claim that the pastor was pestering him, Hon. Dr. Sarpong showed a text message from Pastor Adjei which read, “Hon. Good afternoon. I had the privilege of meeting your Deputy and in the short time I tried to explain the issues. We are asking for your support to organize a prayer crusade in Koforidua on 29th November to intercede for the Nation and H.E as he turns 56. We count on your support. God bless. Thanks Pastor Adjei”.
Hon. Dr. Sarpong said he decided to give Pastor Adjei Gh1, 500 because he noticed he needed some financial support and also to stop the pastor from stressing him with more calls and text messages.
“I then decided not to respond or attend to his subsequent calls and text messages only for the pastor to resurface with more messages threatening my life and those of my family after His Excellency the President, in his wisdom removed from office”.
One of the messages the former Regional Minster found threatening read, “Hon. Samuel Sarpong, I hope by now you have learnt a lesson. My Pastor friends and I are embarking on a prayer and fasting in order to hand you, your family and the NDC Party over to Satan in accordance with 1 Timothy 1:20b in order to teach you not to blaspheme. Sit back and watch the destruction of your family. This will teach you not to disrespect men of god-Pastor Adjei”.
The Pastor followed up with another text message that read, “Which of your sons do you love best?” He added.
Hon. Dr Sarpong said he found these messages and the attitude of the Pastor weird and extremely suspicious.
“As a public servant with years of experience with all kinds of people, I knew straightaway that, this was a calculated ploy by the pastor to extort money from me in the name of the word of God. Am too experience to fall prey to such schemes from such charlatans, so I entirely ignored the pastor and his threats” He said.
After a while, the pastor sent me another message that also read, “Hon. you owe the Osonoma United 12,992.00 Cedis and as a result see the difficulties and embarrassments accompanying you. You know the scriptures: “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul. I leave you in the hands of Satan. Just be careful when traveling in your vehicle. Pastor Adjei”
Hon. Dr Sarpong said, he found this message too threatening and one more such messages way too many.
“This pastor again appeared on a Kumasi base radio station to fabricate, concoct and make up stories aimed at maligning my reputation” He said.
“I had given him a long rope to bull, but like they say, you give a fool a long rope and he will hang himself. So I caused his arrest with the complaints that he had succeeded to threatening my life and that of my family” The former Minster explained.
Asked whether or not the Pastor is still in Police custody, Hon. Dr. Sarpong said, “Much as I know he has been granted bail. He even sent me an apologetic message after he had been bailed.
“Hon. I apologize for offending you. I needed to get your attention in order for you to assist us clear these bills. I sincerely apologize for any trauma my text messages might have caused. Thanks Pastor Adjei.
Hon. Dr Sarpong cautioned that, he will never allowed himself to be fooled by charlatans parading themselves as men of God to dupe, rob, milk and steal from not only him, but the public as well.

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