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General News of Saturday, 23 December 2017


Sam Okudzeto doesn’t pay tithe because he is poor – Owusu Bempah

The Founder and Leader of Glorious Word Power Ministry International, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah has described renowned lawyer and Member of the Council of State, Sam Okudzeto as a poor person the reason why the latter is not willing to pay his tithes.

The former President of the Ghana Bar Association has lashed out at pastors who demand tithes from their church members.

According to Mr. Okudzeto, he does not believe in the concept of tithe because it is a blackmailing tool for pastors to demand money from their congregants, adding that pastors are using an old mathematical concept of the old testament to entice innocent congregants to give them money which ends in their personal pocket.

In a recent interview on Good Evening Ghana show on Metro TV lawyer Okudzeto lamented about the springing up churches particularly in the capital Accra as a result of the monetary benefits pastors are making from the church business.

“I have a different concept of tithe and I have argued with pastors about it. They are using the tithe to blackmail people to give money and I say it is wrong. I give but I don’t pay tithe and I help those who are in need.

“They are using the book of Malachi to entice people to give and that money does not go to the needy but to enrich themselves. That is why everyone is opening a church. Every corner you turned in Accra there is a church.’’ He lamented.

He further admonished Christians to come out from the illusion that their blessings are tied onto payment of tithe.

“God does not bless you because you pathetic. God blesses you because you worship him. He blesses you because love your neighbor as yourself and you provide for him when he has need. That is what God wants us to do. We are turning the bible upside down.’’ He stated.

But Rev. Owusu Bempah appearing on the same show on Thursday slammed the legal luminary’s position on tithe urging him not to discourage people from paying tithes if he’s not prepared to pay himself.

“He believes in the Bible and he should read Acts 4:32-35 when Peter asked the Nazarenes(Christians) to go sell their properties and bring the proceeds to be used for the work of God, what he said is more than paying your tithes. When Ananias and Saphira sold their property and pocketed some of the money they got and told a lie, the Holy Spirit killed them instantly. What will this man (Sam Okudzeto)have done if he were to be around at that time? What this man is saying is a taboo, if he’ll not pay tithe he shouldn’t discourage others from paying.

“I know this man because I’ve seen him before if you look at the books he’s surrounded himself with, I don’t how much he’s worth, but he needs help. Maybe he does not pay his tithe because he has no money. If he says Pastors only enrich themselves and don’t do good to the needy that’s a big lie. If you’re looking for people who are generous, it’s pastors. I’m not blowing my own horn but if I should tell you the number of people whose education I fund you’ll never believe it. I’ve not forced anyone to pay his tithe to me, but people from all over the world bless me every time.”