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General News of Monday, 13 July 2009

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Rush Limbaugh On Obama's Trip To Ghana

Rush Limbaugh - a popular controversial American radio host and conservative political commentator - talks about Obama's Trip to Ghana

Obama Bops Into Ghana, Tells Africa What to Do

So Obama bops into Ghana. He says he's an American president who has "the blood of Africa within me" and then starts telling Africa what it's gotta do. Now, I have German and Dutch blood in me. Does that entitle me to get off the plane in, say, Berlin and start telling them how to do things? I know, I know, I know, "Rush, it's a very important step in American history." No, it's not, because it justifies incompetence.

Now, get this, folks. While in Ghana he said, "No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves or if police can be bought off by drug traffickers. No business wants to wants to invest in a place where the government skims 20% off the top or the head of the port authority is corrupt. No person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery." Well, folks, I'm going to tell you what: Our government is soon going to be skimming 51% off the top of everything we make! What does that make Obama?

Obama just kneecapped the auto industry. He just put the United Auto Workers in charge of on the board of directors and made 'em owners. What the hell is that? He kneecapped an entire industry. He said, "That's not democracy. That's tyranny even if occasionally you sprinkle an election in there. Now is the time for that style of corrupt governance to end." Well, the last I looked Obama just ordered the Justice Department to drop election intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers. He is funneling billions in tax dollars to ACORN, which is a criminal enterprise (if widespread illegality and voter registration means anything). This is a speech he could have made to Americans. He gave a speech to Ghanans that he could have made to Americans. This speech was given to make Obama look like he's for democracy, freedom, rule of law, low taxes, economic growth.

And he wasn't even speaking to Ghana. You know his primary audience is right here. His primary audience here at home. He wants to govern like the people he is lecturing. Obama wants to govern like an African colonial. So he needs cover. This speech paints Obama as something he is not. "No country is going to create wealth," we're not creating wealth, "if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves." You can exploit the economy to enrich yourself politically, maybe not financially -- and that's what Obama and the Democrats are doing. They are exploiting our economy, they are destroying it to enrich themselves politically. "Police can be bought off by drug traffickers"? Well, I don't want to compare the New Black Panthers of this, but they engaged in voter intimidation and Eric Holder drops the charges and says, "Nah, we're not going to look at that." ACORN gets $4.8 billion in stimulus money? This lecture that Obama gave in Ghana had its primary audience right here at home.

This speech paints Obama to be something he's not. Why wasn't this speech given in Russia? 'Cause he wanted out of there alive! And why not give this speech in Cairo? No, Obama goes to a poor African country and he used the poor African country for a prop. If Obama is really bent out of shape about all these things that he lists, he would not have waited to give a speech like this. He's had opportunities in several other countries to talk about economic growth and the creation of wealth. So telling Africa to end tyranny and corruption is just cover, ladies and gentlemen, for an American audience who will hear him give that speech and say, "Oh, Obama wants to create wealth! He wants to preserve the United States as we've always known it. He's trying to get Africa to follow in our footsteps. Oh, what a great guy." It's to insulate him from any association or attachment to current economic crisis.