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Politics of Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Source: Mathias Alagbo Kabila

Retain the current Minority leadership in Parliament to build a united front

As the NDC leadership prepares to reconstitute its Parliamentary Leadership for the 8th Parliament of the Fourth Republic, I write to lend my support to many voices of reason that have so far advocated for the retention and endorsement of the current Minority Leadership led by Hon Haruna Iddrisu.

My decision to publicly endorse the Hon Haruna Iddrisu led leadership is necessitated by the fact that retaining the current team in the face of our recent internal upheavals will promote unity and strengthen our front as we regroup to fight for power come 2024.

Any attempt by the leadership to yield to the calls of the angry grassroots to change the current leadership based on the events of March 3, 2021, and the unanimous approval of the Finance Minister will spell disaster for our party as the ripple effects will not only be felt in Parliament but even at the grassroots.

The rank and file of our great party can bear witness to the heroic exploits of our 137 MPs on the night of 7th January 2021 which culminated in the election of Rt Hon. Alban Bagbin as Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the Fourth Republic. These great exploits by our MPs was indicative of what a determined group united by a common purpose around a well-motivated and selfless leadership can achieve!

Indeed, the pain and anguish felt by the grassroots following the sad events of March 3 and the unanimous approval of the finance minister-designate cannot be underestimated and that point can be made legitimately devoid of emotions.

Whilst I appreciate the concerns of the grassroots due to these unfortunate incidents, it is equally imperative for the voices of the critical masses to push for the need to sustain a progressive front and avoid actions that can disintegrate, divide and weaken the cohesive front of the current leadership.

It will therefore be calamitous for the party if leadership succumb to the calls of the angry masses and effect a change of the current leadership which have demonstrated resilience and grit when united around a common interest and purpose.

As stated by H. E. President John Dramani Mahama in his Easter Message to us, let us forgive one another and move on in unity.

It is my hope that the leadership of the party and the minority leadership develops a clearinghouse to discuss and take collective decisions in future that have the grassroots, the NDC and Ghana in mind and at heart always.

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