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Religion of Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Source: Malik Alhassan

Replace current voters register – Spiritualist charges EC

Sheikh Ustaz Sham-Un Jibril Sheikh Ustaz Sham-Un Jibril

A renowned spiritualist, Sham-un Jibril; has added his voice to calls for the Electoral Commission (EC) to heed calls by the section of Ghanaians calling for the current voters register to be replaced.

In what he called ‘spiritual advice,’ to the Electoral Commission (EC), Sham-un said the register had to be replaced immediately to avert any incidence of chaos and doom which could potentially break out.

He cited how Electoral Commissioners in neighbouring Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso were being prosecuted for their roles in election fraud and further called for the Charlotte Osei – led EC to conduct themselves impartially during the upcoming elections.

Below is a statement in respect of his ‘Spiritual Advice.’


1) I spiritually advise that the register should be changed as quickly as possible if not, the future of the country will be doomed.

2) Having changed the register, the E.C. should play a neutral role in conducting the 2016 election [that is] in case there will be an election.

3) The Ivorian Electoral Commissioner is currently serving a 30-year jail term as is the wife of the former president, also serving a jail term for 20 years. Also, Burkina Faso’s Commissioner is currently under trial. Our EC chairperson should “learn from them."

4) Once upon a time, the Ivorian E.C. used its own authority (to fraudulently) declare (ex-President Gbagbo) as the winner of 2010 polls and it did not succeed but rather the one who was declared as the loser was sworn as the President (Alassane Ouattara).

5) Gbagbo used his political power over the Ivorian E.C. to declare himself winner at all cost and is now in the hands of the I.C.C. (International Criminal Court).

"His colleagues should learn a lesson"

6) I finally pray for a genuine poll in the country and may the almighty God help the E.C. to act without any fear or favor.

NB: I suppose the current appointed E.C. boss is not only for the 2016 election but rather serve till the term of her office and will set a record that some men failed to.

Thank you

By a renowned spiritualist who is credited for his predictions on both local and international platforms.



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