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General News of Friday, 12 June 2020


Remove coupist Kotoka’s name from Ghana's airport; it’s offensive – Sekou Nkrumah

Kotoka International Airport Kotoka International Airport

Son of Ghana’s political founder Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Nkrumah is calling for the removal of the name of Emmanuel Kwesi Kotoka from Ghana’s only international airport as it is offensive.

According to Sekou Nkrumah, now is the time to do that as offensive statues and symbols all over the world are being removed for their racism and oppression. He didn’t say which category Kotoka fell.

“I think it is time for the name Kotoka to be removed, Accra international airport does not need a coup maker’s name on top of it! Everywhere in the world they are removing offensive statues and symbols of racism, oppression, etc!” He wrote.

Following a series of reactions, he had this to add by way of explanation:

“I feel it is very important for me to share with you a few thoughts concerning an earlier post!

I have nothing personal against any political figure in Ghana (past or present)! And although I might come through as someone with strong convictions, I am very tolerant to other views! I am also very liberal in my philosophy and thoughts!

Ok now let’s deal with the issue here; during the Acheampong era, I used to go watch football a lot at the Accra sports stadium, and there I often met the late general Ankrah and I would make it a point to go and greet him.

I also know a few of his kids, same with Kotoka’s.

So my call for the removal of the name of Kotoka from the Accra international airport is not out of any bitterness towards the man.

It rather has everything to do with a principled position I hold! As much as our present constitution condemns a one-party state, it also does not glorify coups, hence my call for removing any such symbols!

In the case of Nkrumah, I have always had issues with his introduction of the one-party state in 1964, but Osagyefo represents a heck of a lot more than just that. He represents Africa’s decolonization and a further call for unity!

He also remains in the hearts of many many black people across the world! That is for those who still remember our history and struggle!

The political animal I am, was once invited by Busia’s daughter ( the Professor,the one who dated Nana Addo for a while and they almost got married but that is another story), to a documentary on her dad!

At the event she spent a lot of time running down Nkrumah and even referred to the day he was overthrown and how happy Busia was .

All that was fine by me, as I said earlier I respect people’s opinions! But what did not go down well with me was the presence of music legend, Stevie Wonder, he was invited to perform at the event, and my heart sank seeing him stand there and hear all these ugly words in reference to Nkrumah!

My concern was to do with the image of Nkrumah, here was a man seen by black people everywhere as a champion of Africa, and yet some of his people have no regards for his memory!

As I left the movie premiere that evening, a bitter taste lasted in my mouth long after the event!”

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