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Politics of Friday, 17 June 2011

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Re: CPP Youth challenges party leadership

Re: CPP Youth challenges party leadership to release congress timetable

My attention has been drawn to a GNA article of June 15, 2011 by an unelected and self-appointed CPP Pressure Group calling itself “The Concerned Youth for Convention People’s Party’s Renaissance”.

The unelected and self-appointed Group unconstitutionally challenged and called on the elected CPP National Leadership to immediately make public the detailed timetable for the National Delegates’ Congress to elect National leaders of party slated tentatively for between six to eight weeks’ time.

The unelected and self-appointed Group led by one Mr Frederick Opoku, Spokesperson for the CPP Youth Group, made several quoted comments including the following contested assertion: “This to us is a manifestation of the level of incompetence on the part of Mr. Nylander who is the leader and Chairman of the Party.” Readers will recall that the CPP disciplined members of even the Central Committee, who publicly disagreed with the Chair and Leader and brought the Party into public disrepute.

Accordingly, I wish to point out to this unelected and self-appointed Group that they have no powers within the CPP Constitution to be demanding anything from the elected officials of the Party. They have no formal recognition within the formal party structures; the Convention Peoples’ Party does not owe any unelected and self-appointed Group any explanation as to how it conducts its internal affairs.

I therefore call on the National Leadership to take all steps necessary according to the rules of the party to identify members of this unelected and self-appointed Pressure Group and take any and all relevant disciplinary action against them should it turn out they hold party membership cards.

Should it turn out, on the contrary, that the members of this unelected and self-appointed Group do not hold membership cards the National Leadership should consider informing the general public and making it clear that the CPP is not accountable to unelected and self-appointed Pressure Groups within or without. Although the Party cannot tell the public who should or should not organise itself politically for the CPP, the Party is under no obligation to give them formal recognition or divulge its internal processes to them.

Readers will recall that on several occasions in the past people who were not card-carrying members of the CPP were those who made the most noise in the Party.

In addition, I draw the attention of the unelected and self-appointed CPP Youth Pressure Group and their Anti-Nylander Supporters in the Regional Branches abroad especially to the fact that in as much they urge others to deal with party matters internally they must themselves endeavour to practice what they preach.

Finally, I urge the CPP Youth if they really love CPP to understand “party politics” wherein it is the national and political mobilisation of political support and resources for the mandate to form a GOG to govern Ghana that is the supreme goal of the Nkrumaist Family.