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General News of Monday, 18 June 2018


Rawlingses offered 'Fonkar Bribe' to my mum in my presence - Desoso’s son drops secret

Former President Jerry John Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings Former President Jerry John Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings

While Anas gave the whole world the opportunity to see embattled President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi receive what was to be a bribe being offered accompanied by a black polythene bag; Mr Franklin Kofi Dzidedi, son of Madam Anita Desoso who has been called a “crook” by former President John Rawlings, is saying that the former first family attempted to pay a huge cash bribe to his mother, who was then National Women’s Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

This, learnt was meant to “influence” Mrs Desoso to abandon the Atta Mills camp to throw her support as National Women’s Organizer to the Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

He maintains it is not hearsay, as all the above took place in his presence.

“Who offered in my presence a Ransome (sic) in a ‘shameful nyantakyi-style black polythene bag’ to Anita De-Sosoo to oppose Prof Mills but was rejected?”, Franklin asked the Rawlingses.

The young man who was peeved that Rawlings called his mother a “crook” said the genesis of the former first family’s hatred of his ‘humble, hardworking’ mother was that incident.

He asked the Rawlingses to account for the 5million dollars ‘corrupt’ money they took from Abacha, the former Nigerian kleptocrat and also to answer for the sale of Nsawam Cannery to themselves if they are not the real crooks.

He said Rawlings and his wife were bad company as the wife is a ‘voodoo’ companion dragging her husband into disrepute.

“Bad company corrupts good character but an unrepentant defeated miserable wife as a company could be more than ‘VOODOO’, seek heavenly deliverance.” He wrote.

“They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were mustard seeds”, he mocked the Rawlingses.


The former president had slammed the Vice Chair of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita Desoso, calling her a “crook”.

Mr Rawlings says he regrets not telling Desoso in the face about her deeds when the she knelt before him to apologise and beg for forgiveness on behalf of the NDC for its ‘sins’ during the 39th anniversary of the June 4 Uprising at Madina last week.

“Maybe sometimes I say the inappropriate things, I should have said it there and then [that she’s a crook]”, Mr Rawlings said.

Read his full post below

The Drama Of The ‘Crooked’ and ‘Cocky’ Mr and Mrs Jerry John Rawlings!!????

Bad company corrupts good character but the company of an unrepentant defeated miserable wife is worse than corrupted ‘VOODOO’, requiring higher deliverance – Author Unknown ???????????.

Comrades, Ladies and Gentleman Happy Fathers’ Day and Eid Holidays to you especially siblings of the Islamic fraternity (Bismillah Rahmani Raheem). Ordinarily, today is a special moment for every person of faith, regardless of beliefs, to observe and reflect on our lives while seeking new ways to improve the weak and vulnerable in society with our best-perceived values of truth, probity, accountability among others.

Religiously????????, I have been observing my quiet time until I sighted a looming boom from no ordinary person than a man I have known to be more charismatic than all catholic popes divided or combined, H.E Jerry John Rawlings our former Military leader and President.

The New Drama of the Rawlings’

Mr Rawlings in a new twist of events is heard calling the National Vice Chairperson of his founded party Anita De-Sosoo as a ‘CROOK’, adding to his unpopular insane venomous rhetorics, and of course more to come????.

I have known Madam Anita De-Sosoo, the personality under attack in question as one of few women of good standing who has unreservedly and unapologetically dedicated her entire parental life to her natural love for the vulnerable in society via meaningful political leadership.

But of course, the ‘only wise white man in babylon’ is certainly at his best again! But this won’t occur without any ‘DRAMA’ or call it ‘Cantata’???? just as portrayed by no other a former President and First Lady, the Rawlings’. Yes, drama, a very big one. Like every drama, the actors/characters could end their story with a theme of love or pain but in this case, I shall choose pain.

In the Rawlings’ cantata, he is seen closely standing next to wife Mrs Konadu and praying to audience to view Anita De-Sosoo as a ‘crook’ who has betrayed his wife after winning elections and becoming National Women’s Organizer in 2009.

The True Story Of Hate And Not Betrayal

Ladies and Gentleman, much as you are pondering why the Rawlings’ feel betrayed, so do I. But unlike you, I have a very fair reason for this, not only in my capacity as one of three proud children of Anita but also as an out-going constituency youth organizer of the NDC which makes me privy to some key information you may otherwise know in peace or pieces.????????

Firstly, during the 2009 election in Winneba, I was campaign coordinator for an election that saw victory of the respected Anita De-Sosoo as National Women’s Organizer just like 2014 in Kumasi when we won as National Vice Chairperson. In 2009, at no point did Mrs Rawlings show support for Anita De-Sosoo, if any, very mean and less. We were left competing against Alice Boom and incumbent Mariam Sinare. Still, God gave us a victorious win.

Secondly, immediately after the National Women’ Organizer contest, the National Executive Election was next. Anita De-Sosoo rallied women to support the candidature of Mrs Konadu Rawlings who was contesting as the first and only female candidate running for National Vice Chairperson at the time, of which Mrs Rawlings won overwhelmingly. I was part of that effortless dusty, drastic and rugged road tour.

Fast forward after party elections, a National Executive Committee (NEC) was formed under John Evans Atta-Mills as President. It is important to note that Mrs. Rawlings at all time during NEC meetings sought to assume revolution-style hubby-inspired autocratic power over the party’s highest committee which was popularly rejected by all members especially former chairman Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Mr. Johnson Nketsia, Rtd. General Captain Butah, Yaw Boateng Gyan and no other than the second key woman in the committee, the fierce fearless lioness Anita De-Sosoo, who at all instances matched Mrs Konadu boot-for-boot, tooth-for-tooth and eye-for-an-eye.????????

The Nyantakyi-style Black Polythene Bag Rejection

Shortly after failing at her attempt to control the NEC, Mrs Rawlings quickly reorganized into contesting the late Mills to become the President of which she lost very miserably and regrettably. There is no doubt that in the height of the presidential contest, Anita De-Sosoo rejected Mrs Konadu’s nyantakyi-style black polythene bag of crooked corrupt ransome which was meant to influence the national women’ wing in Konadu’s favour against sitting Pres. Mills.

To date, this has become an unforgivable and unforgettable reason why Mrs Konadu and perhaps Mr Rawlings believe that Anita made it impossible to execute the diabolical plan of usurping the NDC into her control. Unrelentless, in order to still paralyze the NDC, Mrs Rawlings shamefully exited her husband’s party to form the National Democratic Party (NDP) which was brutally rejected by innocent members of the NDC, all thanks again to Anita De-Sosoo and others for the media campaign (propaganda) and groundwork that extinguished the NDP and its FONKA factions.???????????

Till date, neither Mrs Rawlings nor her venomous mouthpiece Mr Rawlings has denied the nyantakyi-style black polythene bag meant to induce Anita to rally support for her against Prof Mills. Why? Because they are waiting for lie-detecting machine test or perhaps a confession will explain the reason for their hate and will undermine the cocky anti-corruption crusade that has been abnormally propagated.

The Reason for Rawlings’ Uncaged Attacks

Ladies and Gentlemen, by now, you should know that there has been a key figure of good standing in the way of the ‘crooked’ Mrs Rawlings in her pursuit of diabolical political gimmicks. That one noble person is no other her rival for decades, the unshaking Anita De-Sosoo.

Since loosing her fight, Mrs Rawlings has on several occasions relied on her military husband Mr. Rawlings to insanely and high mindlessly attack a compassionate helpless Anita De-Sosoo and other loyal women who have rightly rejected any demonic oppression to the NDC including Mrs Naadu Mills, Mrs Lordina Mahama, Ms Hannah Tetteh, Ms Sherry Ayittey and some noblemen too.

The ‘Crooked’ and ‘Cocky’ Rawlings’

Do you remember Trump call out ‘crooked Hillary’ yet we all know who the crooked one really is? It’s only a matter of time, however, my definition of a ‘crook’ and perhaps ‘cock’ with examples is more educative than Mr. Rawlings’ definition.

Lest we forget, who was capable enough to single-handedly buy a whole Nsawam Cannery and sued in court for it? Who offered in my presence a Ransome in a ‘shameful nyantakyi-style black polythene bag’ to Anita De-Sosoo to oppose Prof Mills but was rejected? Who rejected her husband’s party in shame to form her own but failed? Who was heartily given several wax prints by Anita when her Ridge home was burnt down in fire on the eve of valentine’s day?…..Well, you already know, the ‘crooked’ Mrs Konadu Rawlings.

Now this! After an exposé, who personally confessed to taking $2million instead of $5million from General Sani Abacha of Nigeria yet hypocritically persistently requested for a lie-detecting machine test? Who received several pro-bono goodies from Presidents Mills and Mahama yet continuously attack them till date? Who calls his fellow ex-Presidents as satanic advocates and candidates of hell, only to apologize and not show remorse after all? Who taunts well meaning loyalists and helpless women of honour and valour of his own party under a disguised spell of his estranged disgruntled wife?….Well y’all already know, the ‘CHIEF CROOK and COCK’ Mr Jerry John Rawlings.

Bad company corrupts good character but an unrepentant defeated miserable wife as a company could be more than ‘VOODOO’, seek heavenly deliverance.

And finally, ‘they tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were mustard seeds’

Peace out!! ?????NDC Still!!! Salamalekum!!! ????????

?Your true comrade and son-in-law in the waiting for Amina Rawlings, the name is Franklin, Happy Father’s Day Papa Jay????.

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