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Diasporia News of Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Source: NDC-USA Chapter

RE: NDC USA Backs Out of Friends of JDM Inauguration

We respond with much reluctance and circumspection on the above-captioned publication which appeared on May 5, 2015, in the Ghanaians Abroad section of We have sought internal clarifications, but we still find it necessary to correct some misconceptions and inaccuracies conveyed in the publication. Our exceptions relate mainly to a section of the publication in reference, as quoted below:

"He stressed on how his own party members in United States pulled out of this wonderful program which he thinks will help their campaign in 2016 election. Dr. Appiah told Golden Radio, he officially informed USA NDC Chapter about this inauguration program but none of the executives gave him support to carry on this fruitful inauguration. He stressed his party members in the USA are not ready to help the NDC to win power in 2016. He expressed his disappointment about the executive members as well as all party members in United States."

We would like to place on record, with discomfort, that NDC-USA has remained a Chapter in conflict, and factionalized as such, since 2013. This is very well known to Mr Lawrence Appiah-Osei and the other comrades who engaged in the unnecessary arguments on air to wash public their misunderstandings and dirty linen. We on this side (of the factions)cannot be roped into the allegations and accusations of "...own party members in the United States pulled out of this wonderful program...", among others, " members in the USA are not ready to help the NDC to win power..." and sadly accusing "....all party members in the United States." Comrade Lawrence is very much aware that, we on this side have not taken any such stand against his initiative. In fact, he admits that his engagement on the radio was done without us (on this side) in mind. He has also told us that he was collaborating with the author of the publication to retract the article.

For those of us of NDC-USA Chapter on this side, we frown on and roundly condemn this embarrassing posturing of comrades Lawrence Appiah-Osei, Charles Kpodzo and Nii Ashiboi-Armah for bringing the entire body of NDC-USA into disrepute and ridicule. It is regrettable for Nii Ashiboi-Armah to have led his colleagues onto an opposition-leaning radio station of his city of residence for such engagement. Some of us are overwhelmed and tired of the persistent embarrassment brought on all of us by the reckless behavior of some members of NDC-USA at every turn; in the US and when they visit Ghana. They continue to act with impudence, and damaging the image of NDC-USA along the way. This is not helpful, but rather discouraging to true and well-meaning members of NDC, who have chosen to shy away from anything NDC in the US.

NDC-USA Chapter (Coalition Branches)