RE: BNI raids radio station over hate speech | General News 2017-07-05
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General News of Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Source: Inusah Zanjina

RE: BNI raids radio station over hate speech

We would like to draw your attention to the misleading news being spread by STARFMONLINE.COM about recent happenings in Tamale.

First of all, in relation to the said date, 30th of June, 2017, Old students of the great Anbariya were in Zaa Radio to clear a misconception which was leveled against the Anbariya Sunni community as being engaged in hate speech.

We would like to state that, contrary to the report, Anbariya Sunni Community old students never resorted to any insults or hate speech as hypocritically reported.

Our elders would always say that there can never be smoke without fire underneath it. What was said on Zaa Radio was clearly a reaction to an earlier hate speech by one Abu Dujana.

Listeners to the yearly Ramadhan Tafseer aired on various radio stations can testify that our Grand Imam, Sheikh Saeed Zakaria has never in any way insulted or maligned any Imam in Ghana or Tamale.

However, listeners of Tamale radio stations can testify that respected Sheikh Basha Ibraheem and his son has on countless occasions taken the Anbariya Sunni Community to the cleaners. During this year's Ramadhan Tafseer, this Sheikh constantly called the Anbariya scholars to a duel.

In his daily Tafseers aired on Northstar Fm, he constantly made mockery of Sheikh Saeed Zakaria's health condition and the status of the Anbariya Sunni Community as an Islamic group. In the face of this provocation, the Anbariya community and its scholars have remained patient given the respect the said preacher holds and his command over his followers.

As a matter of fact, one cannot but wonder, the source or validity of the said report which cited scholars of Anbariya as been on the offensive. In reality, Anbariya youth were rather been defensive. Earlier on Friday, 30th June 2017, Afa Abu Dujana, who happens to be the biological son of Afa Basha had called the Anbariya Sunni Community names and challenged them to duel. This single act was what broke the camel's back. Subsequently, old students of Anbariya went to Zaa Radio to react equally to Abu Dujana's threats.

To add to the above, the BNI has not called the management of Zaa Radio, neither has it called the leadership of Anbariya Sunni Community to investigate anything concerning the issues on Friday. One cannot help but wonder where the said journalist got his reportage from. We humbly plead with all media men to engage in ethical reportage of issues. This would ensure that hard-won reputations of great institutions like Anbariya are not sliced unjustly.

To this end, we would like to make clear to readers that the Anbariya Sunni Community stands for peace and development. May Allah reveal the truth of this matter and unite the Muslim Ummah. Salaamu Alaikum.