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General News of Thursday, 18 April 2019


Quit playing with our lives; fix the roads – Family of deceased soldier couple to government

Francis Kwadzie is brother to one of the deceased persons who got drowned in Sunday's flood waters play videoFrancis Kwadzie is brother to one of the deceased persons who got drowned in Sunday's flood waters

Leadership takes more than just taking the taxpayers monies, living luxurious lives and waiting for the ordinary citizen to suffer over negligence of the very persons they work to put in power; this is a message from bereaved family of late Warrant Officers; Arthur Jabez and Sarah Kwadzie who lost their lives in flood waters after Sunday’s heavy downpour.

The couple who were in the cabin of the military pickup veered off the road after trying to avoid a second bump, run into a ditch and then a culvert which had overflowed its banks.

Bodies of the couple were found the next day together with that of a third person’s; Jabez’ sister.

Family of the deceased, reacting to the news chastised government over their constant negligence of very critical issues in the country to the detriment of citizens.
They expressed disappointment about the situation where leaders and persons of authority ‘toy’ with the lives of persons till the worse happens and then they make little efforts to salvage the situation.

“It’s a leadership issue, our people are just playing with our lives because they are driving in big cars and even when there are accidents they will not feel the impacts so they don’t care. The motorway that I know, when using it, some parts, you have to veer off the main road because it is so terrible”.

“Remember what happened to Ebony? I believe the road is still there. In the beginning they’ll quickly make noise that they are going to do it and then 2,3 days, goes to sleep, well, we are paying our taxes to them, they should do whatever they want to do with it”, Brother to deceased Sarah Kwadzie said.

A close friend to the family also said,

“The Ghanaian government will always wait for something to happen before they take action, I believe my friends are not the first to have died in that ditch, and that ditch and gutter have been there for over a while now, do we always have to sit and wait for things to happen before we work on them? We are not electing them so they can come and kill our families”.

They urged government to up their game, take responsibility and do the right things by addressing the wrongs in the country before any more harm is done.

“They are listening and they know what to do”, Francis Kwadzi said.

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