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General News of Friday, 15 July 2016


Prosecute Rawlings over $5m ‘bribe’ - Henry Lartey

Presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Lartey has called for the prosecution of former President Jerry John Rawlings for his confession of accepting a $2 million 'bribe' from ex-Nigerian military dictator General Sani Abacha.

According to him, there is a possibility that the former President received $ 5 million and not the $ 2 million the former president confessed to.

He questioned why the former president who led a campaign of probity, accountability, and transparency could be caught in such a huge international scandal and embarrassment.

Ex-President J.J Rawlings has in a recent interview with Nigeria’s Guardian Newspaper, revealed that he received a cash amount of $ 2million dollars from his then Nigerian counterpart late Sani Abacha.

The issue became a big scandal in Ghana following which the then NPP Minority in Parliament pushed for an independent board of enquiry to investigate the matter, but was turned down by the then Speaker of Parliament, Justice D.F Annan.

Mr. Rawlings in the Newspaper interview stated that he was impressed about his late colleague Gen. Sani Abacha since he never asked him for the said amount nor sought his support financially.

He further added that his colleagues in government knew about the issue and didn’t know why he should be keeping these things secret.

“Moreover, I didn’t have any personal account to be putting these things into anyway. Besides we needed to use them for some national needs.”

“When General Abubakar took over, I told him to watch out. That that report in the papers about $5million was $2million and not $5million. He didn’t make any comment. He didn’t say anything. Obasanjo took over I thought I should straighten it out with him. The comment he made was: ‘Yes, that is how they behave. When they are given something to take somewhere, they will take the majority, the bigger share.’ That was the comment Obasanjo made,” former President Rawlings said.

But commenting on the confession of former President Rawlings, Dr. Henry Lartey said the confession is an opportunity for the Police Administration, EOCO to investigative him to find out what happen.

Speaking in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Dr. Henry Lartey said Junior Jesus as he was called has always claimed that the 1966 military intervention did not come as a surprise to many because of the unhealthy and oppressive atmosphere that existed in the country at the time.

However, he [Rawlings] has proven to be a corrupt leader who brutalize others for the same crime he fought against. He describe as expensive lifestyle under the administration of the leader who ruled Ghana for 19 years, without any good works to show for.

Dr. Henry Lartey posited that, what pains him the most, is the attempt made on his late father, brothers and some members so his family by the former President over allegations of corruption which were baseless and fabricated; yet here we are today to receive the shocking confession of a holier than thou anti-corruption campaigner like the former President.

He further lambasted the leader of allegedly amassing wealth for himself and his family. ''Who has been more corrupt than former President Rawlings? He should tell us. Who has lived a corrupt lifestyle than anybody in Ghana than Rawlings? He should tell us. On top that, he wants his wife to become President of Ghana and her daughter a Minister and later a President of Ghana...He lied to Ghanaians and got many citizens supporting him for his fight against oppression.''

He added, ''I did not complain because i thought he was doing the right thing. But until he confessed of accepting the money from the former president of Nigeria, i was shocked and felt disappointed. This is not a personal attack, but it is a sad moment for Ghana and Africa. He has disappointed his children and family for accepting a bribe. He should be investigated. Let the institutions work. He used all the institutions including the BNI against Ghanaians. So he should also be subjected to the same ordeal. We should find out how the various state institutions were sold under him.''

"Rawlings can be investigated. We should investigate him. We should not allow corruption to pass, we should not allow anyone to come into power and treat us like dogs, sheep and children like he [Rawlings] did...Former President Rawlings should be investigated more than anybody else. He is always the perfect man accusing everybody of corruption. We should investigate and prosecute him...The whole Ghana will support me for calling for the investigation and prosecution of Rawlings. We are in a democracy and not like the kangaroo court, like he [Rawlings] introduced to brutalize everybody. So let the institutions work and establish how corrupt he [Rawlings] actually happens to be."