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Press Releases of Thursday, 17 July 2014

Source: Bang-Yili Royal Gate

Press Statement By Bang-Yili Royal Gate

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On Bimbilla Crisis-Chasing For Justice And Peace In Nanung
The argument that there was an overload of Nanumba Traditional Area after the late Naa Abarika Attah of Bang-Yili Royal Gate and the sudden and sad death of key contenders from Gbugma-Yili Royal Gate to the Nanung throne in many mass media is a question of law and facts for the court to determine.
The provisions of the judicial notice that nullified the High Court decision in Tamale expose these flaws and demonstrate how such conviction by one party could be made unconvincing but a shared propaganda by some section of Gbugma-Yili Royal Gate. The extreme nature of the statements “overload or chief of Nanumba Traditional Area” used in the media and by some government functionaries call the truth into question and can only be true for a real pessimist, but for anyone willing to open their eyes, certainly, will see the truth.
Additionally, it is a large flaw to say that there was an overload of Nanung when the case is still pending before a competent court of jurisdiction and the National House of Chief in Kumasi. These are the gaps in the logic that renders these statements unconvincing by any claimant to the Nanung throne.
In search for peace in Nanung, justice is an important factor that must be advocated and applied in Nanung and the whole of northern Ghana in finding a long-lasting solution to the chieftaincy issues, but the question is to what extent can the temporary fixing of these problems by government contribute to the sustainability of peace in Nanung. Opponents of the chieftaincy divide with some state support do not only continue to suppress other people but are engage in organised stealing and destruction of properties-stealing of lived animals, clearing of cultivated yam and maize farms and looting of deserted households.
Part of what creates justice is the common agreement that we have to abide by the rule of law but not through gruesome murder, continued arrest of innocent citizens and looting of properties as seen in the current situation of Bimbilla chieftaincy crisis. When a society has a rule that is not just, it is the responsibility of the state and the citizens of that society to maintain and preserve freedom and rights of ordinary citizens in accordance with the rule of law.
Although rule of law is necessary in maintaining a just society, it should be used to maintain freedom for all, not to restrict the freedom of people as seen in the current exercise in Bimbilla. Some of the safeguards provided by the Government to protect the public against joint police and military abuses are inadequate and skewed to attack the fundamental human rights of members and sympathizers of late Naa Salifu Dawuni and we are calling on the government to act swiftly.
The Nanung Chieftaincy issues, unquestionably penetrated this government consciousness. To deal with it, Government really need to step up unbiased security apparatus to protect the vulnerable groups such as children, women and aged. Also, enable the murdered key contender of Gbugma-Yili Royal Gate issue to be handled cohesively in a fast-track system and come out with their findings in order to free our innocent relatives. Government should further ensure much earlier consideration for a well-defined road map negotiated and accepted to all stakeholders in facilitating the prompt definition of issues and for true resolution to be reached in Nanung. In this repect, we are very much concerned with the comments of the President, John Mahama, in Kumasi when he met the National House of Chiefs. It is this very institution which has declared that Bimbilla has no chief. The President must take steps to forstall comments like this in the future since the matter is pending in court.

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