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Press Release By Free Ken Kuranchie Movement
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General News of Sunday, 7 July 2013

Source: Free Ken Kuranchie Movement

Press Release By Free Ken Kuranchie Movement


Despite the claim that Ghana’s democracy is an example for other African nations to emulate, there are millions out there laughing at us, because we think that we can throw away substantive laws and apply our whims and caprices to punish vociferous politicians and those who speak the truth and incidentally belong to the other side of the political divide.
Free Ken Kuranchie movement wish to state the treatment being meted out to the managing editor of the searchlight news paper, Ken Kuranchien is an indication of political witch-hunting which could be avoided in contemporary African democracy.
In as mush as we respect the verdict of the Supreme Court of the land, we thought that other state agencies such as the Prison Service will exercise decorum and show humane in the discharge of their duties, instead of dealing with Ken Kuranchie as a criminal, by transporting him from one Prison to the other.
We do not want to insinuate that the actions taken against Ken are by the whims of any Government official. However, anyone responsible for this diabolic act is not harming ken but rather to the hard earn democracy, the rule of law and a disgrace to our criminal justice system of our country.
Where are the so -called human rights activists in Ghana? Is it only Gays who have rights? Where is the peace council? Where is the Christian Council?
We want to assure the Government led by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama that we shall tolerate this disgraceful actions by the Interior Ministry for now.
Finally, we the members of free Ken Kuranchie Movement wish to congratulate Ken for his braveness and his stand for the truth and nothing but the truth.
Ken, we are with you in spirit.
Ken Kuranchie shall still remain a HERO.
Thank You!

Joseph Otoo (Founder)

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