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General News of Sunday, 20 January 2002

Source: Ghanaweb

President Kufuor's Approval Rating At 67%

In a Ghanaweb poll (website - polls) completed this past Saturday, a week after the first anniversary of the NPP government, President Kufuor's overall job approval remained reasonably high at 67% This is an improvement on the 45% the president had in March and lower than the 71% in August of last year (see below). Public approval of the job Kufuor did in his first year averaged 61%.

The poll, conducted on the internet, asked respondents whether they approved of the job Kufuor is doing as president. With three in 1000 people having PCs and 400,000 internet subscribers – excluding the thousands who visit internet cafes - in Ghana, this is not an accurate reflection of the public living in Ghana. 85% of the votes were logged from IP addresses outside Ghana. However, this is a good indication of the public mood.

Results are based on an internet poll conducted with 1575 visitors on Jan. 12-19, 2002. For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 60% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ?4 percentage points. In addition to sampling error, multiple voting, non-Ghanaians voting, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Kufuor is handling his job as president?

  Approve (%)DisapproveNo OpinionToo early
March 1- 14 2001 4516136
August 1- 7 2001 71253-
January 12- 19 2002 66,9276.1-

Selected Comments from Voters(unedited)

  • John Kufuor is the best thing to happen in Ghana at this time in our turbulent history. Things are tough we all know, but there is no doubt that we shall win. -- Michael Ossei

  • I was a n NPP skeptic at first. I felt although Rawlings and the NDC did many things wrong, they had at least moved the country in the right direction. lets not forget how bad things were before the NDC. Lines for bread, miltiary coups every few years, economic contraction etc. Ultimately bad mangement, too much time in power and low commodity prices did them in.

    Kuffor has come in and built on that base. The macro economic enviroment has improved, private companies are being encouraged and it seems corruption is down. I think he has done a great job and all Ghanainas should be proud of our recent leaders. If Africa had more JAK or the Rawlings of 10 years ago, we will be a much stronger continent. -- Mawuena

  • prez JAK has handle the Economy pretty well espcially inflation, atleat nowadays the cedi is worth something -- Dennis

  • The President has no problem but his ministers are the black sheeps. Look at the man Edumadze. He is trying to just black mail our leader. --Bright

  • For the first time Ghana has a government that is forcus on the welfare of the country, not its leaders! Kuffour is the one who is making this possible. --wozowozo

  • In spite of the chaotic economic and social mess the President and his party inherited, his one year in office has produced some reasonable and modest improvement --Kwasi Adusei


  • His excessive foreign trips are a big drain on our national coffers. -B jay

  • I am not seeing zero tolerance -- anonymous

  • JAK should reconsider the NDC petition on the national reconciliation bill. he is behaving just like the way the ex pres JJ would have handled this issue. Ghana first please,not party politics.honestly,i'm disappointed.cant we be pragmatic? --seppi nkrumah boateng

  • Some yrs back when Mr Rawlings was prosecuting some past government the NPP and its people were the very empty barrels who disagreed. Secondly when mr rawlings started with the privatization of some of our companies by travelling abroad to find irrate investors, the NPP were the very cowards who pulled him down. And finally, what the hell in the blue shirt does he think [not tink]he is doing by wasting the tax payers money in repairing the already crap jet? Oh its true, it's damn true. All i want to tell the &%?#" is that to every Mobuto there is a Kabila..ya days are numbered. On the day of the next election Ghanaians will tell u "noni kuffour baaye gbee aye" thus the pedigree dog is far better than the ...,can u dig it ?#"%& --armah armah-attoh theo

  • After one of travels the President needs to be at home now to work. Most of travels should now be done by his vice, attorney General and Minister for foreign affairs. It now time to focus on the home front and deal with domestic issues. Again his hand off style of management must give way to personal involvement. He must have close check on his boys perticularly Baah-Wiredu whose empire is getting to large and must getting ready for a massive cabinet reshuffle. -- Kofi Asare


  • Yes, we Ghanaians know how to judge others but can not judge our selves. What contrubtion do you think you have made to help improve Ghana ? At least Kuffuro has sacrifice time and life to lead Ghana. What about you ? --Uncle Kwesi, Londn

  • Mr. Kufuor has not done anything significantly positive but most importantly, he hasn't screwed up the economy. It adds to the adage, less government is better. -- K. manu