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General News of Saturday, 19 December 2020


People see migrants as intruders - Florian Braendli bemoans

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Over the years, people could freely move from one country to the other for either business, vacation or to search for greener pastures.

With the advent of modernisation and technology, many people have fine-tuned their minds and are careful who they associate themselves with.

This has become a worry as migrants are mostly seen as 'pests' in the country they visit.

A major concern raised by the Projects Manager of GIZ-IOM, Florian Braendli.

According to him, migrants are seen as intruders in most instances and are to sometimes ill-treated.

"One more negative aspect is that people turn to see migrants as intruders which wasn’t the case before," he said at a press conference Friday, December 19 in Accra.

Speaking on the theme, 'Reimagining Human Mobility: Tapping the Potentials of Returned Migrants for the National Development,' at the commemoration of International Migrants Day, he entreated all to desist from that act as they may fall prey to such maltreatment anytime they tour the world.

"Had the first man not gone to what we call Kenya, West towards where we are now, there wouldn’t be Ghanaians and in the same way, if the first man from Kenya or his brother or cousin didn’t migrate to the middle east and there to Europe, there wouldn’t be Europeans. So in this view, we are all migrants," he added.