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Diasporia News of Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Source: David Adu Boahene

Pan African Congress Germany Condemns Modern Enslavement Of All Kind

Victory for the Revolutionary Burkinabe Folks after chasing Blaise Compaore out of office.
The Pan African Movement in the diaspora has registered another historical episode as this year´s event, under the theme “Reclaiming African and Diasporean Voices” attracted a huge participants in Munich, Germany. The program was in commemoration to the outstanding intellectual and scientific legacies of the late Dr. Maya Angelou, an African -American writer and Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, a brilliant Pan African researcher from Senegal.
Recalling the powerful literal works of Dr. Angelou into limelight the female wings of the the Pan African working group in Munich, including, Marrianne Balle, Mathilda Legitimus Schleicher and Modupe Laja presented a touching episode of Angelou´s dynamic poetic works in drama. Popular among the recitation was “The Phenomenal Woman” a poetry that empowers women to be courageous in their day to day activities and to cherish their natural beauty also with confidence.
Born, December 1923 at Diourbel, Senegal, the late Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop is remembered as one of the most African influential historian, who dug up an undeniable facts that ancient Egyptians were people of black descendants. Dr. Diop argued on three grounds namely (a)the anthropological point of view (2)the racial nature of the ancient people, as well as (3)the linquistic similarities of Egypt language in relations to the Wolof dialect of Senegal. He reveal in his research that around 150,000 B.C the people who lived around the Sahara and move along the Nile Valley and the Nile basin(Egypt) were homogeneous and Negroits . Dr. Cheikh Diop invested much time into writings and popular among his numerous books are listed as follows.. 1.The African origin of civilization 2. Pre Colonial Black Africa 3. Black Africa: The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federal States
Global Slave index confirms that more than 155,580 thousands out of the major Mauritania populace are under slavery. A resolution was reached condemning all sort of modern enslavement, notably, the black majority in Mauritania who are under physical brutality, mental trauma and economic captivity of the minor Bidhan hegemony. Slave trade and colonization were another phenomenon that did great disservice to the progress and development of the African continent, however, there are many countries in Africa today that are still under subjugation of both neo-colonialism and modern enslavement. As practiced in the past, the slave drivers are still regarded as superior in the modern society whilst the poor major black descendants are discarded as inferior. Quite often the later are being used as commercial machinery subjected to hard labour and sex slavery as in the case of Mauritania. The fair colored Moor ethnic minority controls the security apparatus, the judiciary as well as the socio- economic dominance of the entire political system. “We shouldn´t tolerate this inhuman process any longer … they command the military, the banks, even the education, from the primary institutions to the university levels ” Mr Abidine Merzough, speaker for the Resurgence of Abolishment Movement in Mauritania blurted.
In addition, the Congress vehemently condemned the unlawful imprisonment of Mr Biram Dah Abeid and all members of anti-slavery movement, hence, the unconditional demand of their release. Mr Abeid, is the president of Initiative for Resurgence of the Abolishing Movement (IRA) and winner of 17th Weimar Human Rights Award. The veteran political Activist Biram Abeid has been incarcerated since 2014, allegedly, for mobilizing members of a banned organization to create public disorder. The communique also urged African governing bodies to intensive their fight against racial discrimination, ensuring social and gender balance in all sectors, including the national institutions. “ “We solemnly declare that we will not be free as long as all other black brothers and sisters in Mauritania are not freed” the powerful advocate of Pan African Self -determination, Affiong - Affiong , a Nigerian political scientist and Executive Director of Moyo Pan African Solidarity center, charged the multitudes that gathered at the hall, ”Das Schloß” in Munich.
The 5th Pan African Congress, Germany, was under the auspices of the Lord Mayor of Munich, His Excellency Dieter Reiter and Her Excellency Mrs. Mariam Serme´Sankara, wife of the late president of Burkina Faso, His Excellency Thomas Sankara. A touching documentary film about the continuity of the BUKINABE Revolution, how the women and the youth chased Blaise Compaore, the former president, out of power, brought the audience into an intensive discussion thereafter. In relations to the current abortive coup in Burkina Faso and its aftermath, Mr Aziz Salmone a frequent participant of the Congress in Munich presented a scientific analysis under the topic “ Fractions and Revolutionary Progression and its Relevance for the Pan African State building”. It came clearly after Mr Aziz presentation and the subsequent panel discussion afterwards, that, virtually, everyone was convinced about the importance and the need to canvass the concept of Federal United African States into projection.
Prominent among the speakers were Professor Theophile Obenga (Geneva , Switzerland) Professor Dr. Mubabinge Bilolo (INADEP- Europe)Professor Hakim Adi ( University of Chichester,UK) Aziz Salmone Fall (McGill University Canada) Francis Kpatinde(University of science Po Paris, France) Dr. Natasha A. Kelly(Berlin,Germany) Affiong L. Affiong (Nigeria) Fatou Diome( Strassburg, France) Sadija Klepo ( Journalist, Germany) and many others. The chosen slogan this year “Decade for people of African Descent” is derived from United Nations

Proposals to bring people of African descent more into focus from 2015 to 2025. Most of the invited Africans intellectuals in their deliberations were in confidence that there is a great hope for our children if African leaders could be self -reliance and use their resources properly.
“If we can achieve a united African economy as proposed by some of the speakers today for a Federal African States, then I think Africa is going to be a competitive economic giant along the line” Mr Alemayhu Amseleghe, an Ethiopian media practitioner from Stuttgart commented shortly after the final round discussion.

By David Adu Boahene (Founder, Radio Africa Stuttgart)
Media Consultant Germany (01624930662)

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