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Press Review of Thursday, 21 January 1999

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P & P

An inside page headline of the the P & P reads: "Snake found in a Woman's chop-box"

According to the paper, residents of Onufu Gbortsui, around the main Electricity Corporation of Ghana Plant at Russia, a suburb of Accra, were shocked when reports trickled in that a big snake had been found in the room of a popular porridge seller.

The paper says the snake which was believed to be bigger than an ordinary one was kept in a chop-box in the room of the porridge seller, Awal Amelia, a Burkinabe..

The woman was said to have traveled at the time of the discovery of the reptile.

The paper says, before Amelia traveled, she warned her children not to tamper with the chop-box. But after some few days a bad odour had engulfed the room, the source of which could not be traced.

The children later traced the odour to the chop-box and brought it out and when it was forced it open, a decomposing snake was found inside with a piece of white calico and a pan.