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General News of Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Source: YAW P. K. MANU

Our Religious Leaders Are Hypocrites: Kwakye Ofosu

A member of the communication team of the ruling NDC has described the leader of the Ahmadiyah Muslim Mission and member of the National Peace Council (NPC), Maulvi Wahab Adam, as a hypocrite who hides behind the cloak of neutrality whilst actually pursuing a mischievous partisan agenda. Firing from all cylinders as usual, without any check from biased hostess Obuobia Darko, on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji, Felix Kwakye Ofosu accused the revered religious leader of failing to live above reproach in terms of being a neutral arbiter in the country’s political discourse.

Kwakye Ofosu was commenting on the NPC member’s reaction to some reckless statements by Presidential Spokesperson Koku Anyidoho who was heard on radio last week screaming threats at the opposition NPP especially its flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo, and current and immediate past chairmen Jake Obetsebi Lamptey and Peter Mac Manu. In an apparent reaction to calls by these respected politicians for free, fair and transparent elections by using a biometric voters register and biometric verification as a sure way to prevent confusion, the hot-headed presidential spokesperson, conveniently taking what these political pillars said out of context, warned them not to attempt to perpetrate violence in the 2012 elections or will be shown where power lies.

In an interview on Accra based Joy FM last Friday, Maulvi Wahab described Koku’s statement as “unfortunate” especially from someone regarded as the mouthpiece of President Mills. He advised people in high office to be circumspect in their utterance.

But in a strong condemnation of the respected Muslim cleric’s advice, Kwakye Ofosu who has quickly gained the reputation of being the most disrespectful small boy talkative of NDC, mercilessly took the NPC member to the cleaners. Apparently offended that the Ahmadiyah leader’s support for free and fair elections could drain his pockets when his party goes into opposition, the “disrespectful small boy who by all indications was poorly bred stated that his investigations revealed that Maulvi Wahab’s comment were not representative of the NPC. He chided the Muslim leader for being silent when Nana Addo and other leading members of the NPP were praising the violence in Atiwa, and whipping up ethnic sentiments to fan violence.

In describing Maulvi Wahab as a hypocrite, Kwakye Ofosu stated that the NDC walks alone; “we do not need the alliance of hypocrites like Maulvi Wahab Adams and his followers. Persons, who claim they are neutral but are not, do not find their way with us. Our allies are the discerning people of Ghana”. He advised Maulvi Wahab to follow in the foot steps of Reverend Asante Antwi who, according to Kwakye Ofosu, has publicly declared his association with the NPP, so that when next time he makes comments of this nature, they can be put in the right context. “Persons like Maulvi cannot pretend to be neutral and seek to deceive us that when they make statements, they are in the interest of Ghana; they are serving the NPP’s interest and they should be candid enough to say that without fear or favour. Maulvi is supposed to be a respected religious leader and so it is incumbent upon him to show neutrality in everything that he does so that he will win the confidence of his people”, he said

The boy who has proudly bestowed on himself the title “convener of Research and Advocacy Platform (RAP) of the NDC, stated that when the National Peace Council was formed, he publicly questioned the body’s ability to deliver and barely two weeks into its inauguration, this concern has been confirmed. The Catholic Bishops Conference was also not spared from the foul mouthing of the NDC poorly bred small boy. He questioned the body’s wisdom in re-echoing what he described as “the NPP’s position on biometric registration and verification for the 3012 elections”, stating, “even though they had not been fully apprised of the full facts on this matter, they still chose to buy into that crap of if there is no verification in the 2012 elections, there will be chaos.”!

He issued a strong warning to leaders of religious bodies, saying “people who hold themselves as belonging to the moral society of Ghana must know better than to engage in these political gymnastics just to score points for the New Patriotic Party”.

Also on the programme to lend his support to the mischief of the NDC communicators was the selective-remembering Kwesi Pratt. He accused the nation’s clergy of spewing unguarded statements and engaging in incredible double standards. “I believe if Jesus were to come back today, he would pick up the cane again and he will enter the church and the bishops and archbishops will be at the receiving end of the anger of Jesus the Christ and he will whip them. Their double standard is killing us”. He shouted!