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Open Letter to Nana Obirir From Abroad
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Diasporian News of Saturday, 28 July 2007

Source: kstephenba@yahoo.com

Open Letter to Nana Obirir From Abroad


The Citizens of Odumase-Sunyani, residing in Europe, is hereby expressing our appreciation and overwhelming support for the nomination of Nana Obiri Boahen, as Minister of state at the Ministry of Interior by HE President J.A. Kuffour, and subsequent approval by the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

Congratulations Nana! However, remember unlike your previous position (Regional Chairman of NPP), you are now a Minister of State for all Ghanaians irrespective of their believe, ethnicity, polictical affilation and others.The value of progressive polictics-solidarity, justice for all have never been more relevant; and their application never more in need in the modernisation of our country.It is a great previledge and more challenging to serve as a minister of state at the Ministry of Interior in this era of our history, however, every man is at his/her best when at his/her boldest. Therefore you will excell when you are bold enough with this toughest positsion in Government of Ghana in this era of modernisation of our politics and history.Here you are at the crossroads: Party, Government, turning point in your polictical career, and above all Ghana and all its citizens. Your service to mother Ghana will be measured not by just your efforts to serve well group of people and their interest but to the whole nation and its citizens at the end of the day.We pray to God almighty to giude and give you wisdom of King Solomon and boldness of David to excell in your service to Ghana-our beloved nation in a capacity as Minister of state at the Ministry of Interior.We support you in prayers and all your endeavour to deliver your best.

Once again congratulations!

Long Live Ghana and God bless Ghana.

Signed by Dr S. Tabiri on behalf of citizens

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