Old EC logo will do a better job than Charlotte Osei’s – Dr Bossman Asare | General News 2018-12-06
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General News of Thursday, 6 December 2018

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Old EC logo will do a better job than Charlotte Osei’s – Dr Bossman Asare

Deputy Electoral commission chairperson, Dr Bossman Asare has stated in an interview that restoration of the commission’s logo will do the entity much more good than has been done by that which was introduced by the former Chairperson of the commission, Madam Charlotte Osie.

According to him, ‘’ when you look at the logo which has just been restored, clearly you can see transparency showing, fairness showing, you can also integrity, you see the coat of arms of Ghana Electoral Commission. The consensus was that this would be able to do a better job for us rather than the one which was introduced by the previous leadership of the commission.’’

He said that the change of logo was part of efforts to review the policy direction of the commission. One major thing they had to look out for he said, was the logo, where majority of the members decided that restoration of the old logo will be in the best interest of the commission.

Dr Asare added that the commission thinks the restored logo is more symbolic of what they do compared to the previous one.

He explained that on the face of it, it is easier to explain and when you look at it as a casual observer, you can clearly see a ballot box which is transparent showing somebody putting in a ballot paper unlike the previous one which many people find difficult to explain.