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General News of Thursday, 14 August 2008


Obama's Rev Wright moves to GHANA

.... Ghana is an email Hell - Wright
According to an article published on the internet site, Rev. Jeremiah Wright is teaching and ministering in Ghana.

In March 2008, a controversy broke out concerning Barack Obama - a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President - long-term relationship with Wright, his former pastor.

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Daughter: Rev. Wright NOT publishing book in October
A New York magazine cover story last week reignited the debate over Rev. Jeremiah Wright when it stated - without attribution - that the former pastor of Sen. Barack Obama was releasing a new book.

But his daughter, Jeri, told me today that the story is absolutely false.

"The only book we're working on is the history of Trinity (United Church of Christ) and I haven't even started editing that," Wright told

After I reached out to her, she called her father, who is teaching and ministering in Ghana (I ran into him last month when I was in the West African nation) and said he "laughed" when she asked about the book.

"He said that he also got an email, but was unable to respond since he's in email hell," Wright said, meaning in a place in Ghana where it's difficult to send and receive email.

"I asked him if he was writing and he said, 'Nope. I'm not publishing anything. I'm not going on any book tours.'"

Rumors about a pre-election book by Wright have been surfacing for the last few months, and intensified since the New York article.

It even has caused a stir among Obama supporters, who were also chasing down the rumor to see if there was any legitimacy to it.

I even got calls from executives in the publishing world inquiring as to whether the story is true.

Jeri Wright says when her dad returns to another part of Ghana, he will issue a formal response to the New York article reiterating that what they reported is false. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with SprintSpeed