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General News of Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Source: The Enquirer

Nominee Minister 'Ate' My Wife

A heart-broken husband has petitioned the Appointments Committee of Parliament that Deputy Minister-designate for the Manpower Ministry used the power of his office to unzip their 12-year-old marriage leading to its abrupt collapse. The nominee, Mr Kenwuud Nuworsu, is also the Volta Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as well the Volta Regional NADMO Coordinator.

For this reason, a 46-year old ex-soldier of the dreaded 64 Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces is asking the Appointment Committee of Parliament not to approve his nomination because he is a sex warrior.

Mr Nuworsu, the Deputy Minister-designate for the Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment, has been accused by one Mr Humphrey Ogodor Tutu, a Cuban-trained ex-soldier, in Accra for sleeping with Regina Kumkah, his wife for 12 years.

In a follow-up interview after a petition to the Committee, the broken-hearted husband said, Mr Nuworsu must be rejected because apart from declaring a sexual war on his female subordinates and embarrassing the government like the former Road Transport Minister, Dr Richard Winfred Anane, the nominee is capable of sleeping with wives of his colleague ministers when approved.

The extramarital affair, eventually led to the dissolution of the hitherto solid marriage but with no child, on September 2, 2006, when it became clear that Mr Nuworsu, was not prepared to put a stop to the amorous affair after numerous telephone calls from Mr Tutu.

Miss Kumkrah, 43, a secretary at the National Secretariat of National Disaster management Organisation (NADMO) in Accra, according to her ex-husband, started the sexual affair with Mr Nuworsu, who is also the Volta Regional Director of NADMO, and visited Accra regularly.

The Deputy Minister-designate he said never failed to buy ‘abolo,’ oysters, wine among other things for Miss Kumkah anytime he was visiting the NADMO Headquarters in Accra for official assignments, and used such occasions to pick her out and had sex with her.

Besides this, the ex-combatant, on hindsight believes that the many times that his wife visited the Volta Regional capital, Ho, were on Mr Nuworsu’s enticement just to sleep with her.

The visibly traumatized ex-soldier is for this reason asking the august House to disqualify the nominee, also disclosed to the Enquirer that whilst the amorous affair was ongoing, his wife denied him sex anytime he tried to make love to her with an excuse that public servants are not allowed to carry pregnancy immediately after appointment.

So for 6 months, Mr Tutu said they never had sex. Little did he know that Kenwuud was making love to her during working hours, therefore, will not permit him sex in the night. He told The Enquirer that when he finally discovered the affair through a letter his ex-wife wrote to Mr Nuworsu, he intercepted it and confronted him. After an initial denial, Kenwuud admitted sleeping with the married women and pleaded with him not to go public with the matter.

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