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No evil shall thrive in Ghana - Rev. Agbozo
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Religion of Thursday, 3 October 2013

Source: GNA

No evil shall thrive in Ghana - Rev. Agbozo

The Reverend Immanuel Enoch Agbozo, Leader of Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), has declared that God has taken over Ghana, and so no evil can ever prevail in the country.

“No coup détat, and no mass movements like those witnessed in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria can take place here in Ghana because God has taken control of the nation.”

Rev. Agbozo, made the proclamation in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of his Mission.

He related that in the Bible when Israel was redeemed from captivity in Egypt, it took them 40 years before they got to the promised land.

He said the 40th milestone of the GES, therefore, had great significance as it also symbolised Ghana’s own revival after decades of wondering in the political wilderness. “Ghana is going to regain her glory and shine once again to lead the rest of Africa.”

Rev. Agbozo, however, indicated that although out of all nations on the African continent God had chosen to build His Kingdom in Ghana, there was the possibility of the nation losing that favour if the Church was not firm on the ground.

Therefore, the purpose of his Mission and that of the GES was to bring revival and restoration to the Church, as well as bring redemption to the glory of Ghana, he said.

He stressed the need for Ghanaians to let their faith in God to manifest in their lives and in their relationship with fellow men, so as to bring them in tune with His purpose for the nation. “A society that is not in conformity with God’s plan cannot survive”,

Rev. Agbozo declared that the Church was the only vehicle through which Ghana would be redeemed, and urged Ghanaians to come together and express appreciation to God constantly for the mercies He had shown the nation over the years.

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