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Politics of Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Nduom must lace his boots to take power from mahama – VN 16

The VOLUNTEER FOR NDUOM 2016 (VN16) is an organisation of young people in Ghana who believe in the leadership of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom as the one who is capable of solving the many problems facing the country presently when given the mandate as president.

Members of the Volunteers for Ndoum 2016 have been making relentless calls on Dr. Nduom to contest the presidential primaries of the PPP when nominations are opened and to proceed to contest the General elections on the ticket of the PPP come 2016.

We have resolved not to rest until Dr. Nduom has become the president of this nation because in our firm believe, we cannot allow this fine gentleman to just walk the sands of this country without the nation benefiting from his ingenious leadership character.

When you think of Dr. Nduom, you think of credible leadership, good governance and incorruptible administration. One of the greatest hallmarks of every leader is his/her ability to keep all his followers united over a given period of time. After the Progressive Peoples Party took third place in the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections, Dr Nduom has never relented on working with the members of the party at constituency, regional and national level, offering alternative proposals to help tackle the rising level of unemployment, corruption and the erratic power supply mismanaged by current NDC Mahama led government. He has ensured that the Party’s rank and file has been active in contributing to party organization and national discussion on state policy and direction. Indeed, we are very much aware of the fact that he has been concerned about education in this country hence his support for the party to approach the Supreme Court on the interpretation of the FCUBE provision in the constitution. Even though the outcome of this case has not been a good one, we know his actions were filled with good intentions for the average poor child in this county.

Unlike the Mahama led NDC government filled with “eloquent, talk all, and do little ministers and appointees”, an Nduom lead management has in the face of the continuous economic show down continued to expand and provide more jobs for more youth in this country, thus contribution to the reduction in the unemployment rate in the country. As at now, the result of his leadership is that over 5000 people are in direct employment and over 10,000 in indirect employment with his companies. We know that, but for the incompetence of the Mahama lead administration, the wisdom of Dr. Nduom and other good entrepreneurs in this country would have produced more jobs for more people by now.

In light of this, we shall continue to call on Dr. Nduom not to stay back in politics at all. It is men like him who are called upon elsewhere to save the nation and they come to fix it and go back. Ghana needs Nduom now and we want to ask him to up his game and get ready for a vigorous campaign for the office of president in this land.
The Volunteers for Nduom 2016 wish to call on Ghanaians not to waste their votes on the NDC come 2016. NDC is only good at spinning the wheels of corruption, politics of insult, disrespect for Ghanaians and at best, CREATE, LOOT AND SHARE the meager resources needed for national development.

God save Ghana.

Operations Officer
Volunteers for Nduom 2016